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WWE Home Video: much more than DVD's

WWE Home Video: much more than DVD's

When most members of the WWE Universe think of WWE Home Video, they instantly think of DVDs or Blu-ray discs. However, WWE has expanded its reach to utilize every emerging technology available to distribute video to your home.

Netflix: Netflix.com offers WWE’s latest compilations and PPVs available for streaming on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, Microsoft phone and even your TV if you have a set-top enabled device for Wi-Fi compatibility or one of these gaming systems; Wii, XBOX 360, PS3.

iTunes: With iTunes.com, all WWE PPV home videos are available for sale as an entire event or per match. Compilations and documentaries are available in their entirety to buy or rent.

Microsoft’s XBOX Live: Not only will your XBOX allow you to play WWE ’12, but Microsoft’s XBOX Live service will allow you to watch WWE’s latest home video offerings and like iTunes, all WWE PPV home videos are available as an entire event or per match both for sale or rental.

Amazon: The online juggernaut is more than the world’s largest e-commerce destination. Amazon.com’s instant video store allows you to download individual episodes of Raw and SmackDown as well as all other WWE home videos,

Best Buy’s CinemaNow: Seeing online video take market share from traditional brick and mortar retail chains, Best Buy partnered with cinemanow.com to offer consumers the option of download video and WWE has a large presence on the service.

Walmart’s vudu: The world’s largest retailer was not going to stand by and watch online video streaming battle royal. Walmart leaped over the top rope and into the ring when they acquired video on demand service, vudu.com. WWE has a large presence on vudu which can be accessed through Walmart.com. Like Netflix, video can be viewed on your PC, Mac or even TV by using Wi-Fi or a compatible gaming system.

With Stone Cold Steve Austin:The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time expected to be one of the most popular WWE Home Videos of all time when it’s released on Nov. 29, you have plenty of ways to enjoy the story of life and career of the once in a lifetime WWE Hall of Famer.

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