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Night of the Living Dread

Night of the Living Dread

You had to have known that Halloween would mean the obligatory annual WWE.com article looking at scary, supernatural and spooky and moments in wrestling history. However, this year we decided to include some moments that were unintentionally horrifying as well.


In 1991, The Ultimate Warrior did the unthinkable when he reached out to, of all people, Jake “The Snake” Roberts for insight into how to combat the supernatural powers of The Undertaker. However, even those of you who suffer from ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) will agree that the most frightening aspect of this video is Warrior’s wardrobe.




At SummerSlam 2009, CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy in the match that The Charismatic Enigma pioneered - Tables, Ladders and Chairs - to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Punk didn’t have to wait very long, though, to find out who was first in line to challenge him for his newly won title.




At the 1994 Royal Rumble Match, it took an entire ring full of Superstars to help WWE Champion Yokozuna turn back the challenge of The Undertaker in a Casket Match. However, The Phenom would not take this injustice lying down - literally.





In October 1998, WCW entered into a marketing agreement with the fourth Child's Play film, Bride of Chucky, by having Chucky carry on a conversation with now WWE Hall of Fame announcer, “Mean” Gene Okerlund and “The Dogfaced Gremlin” Rick Steiner. By the end of this segment, WCW Monday Nitro viewers were left wondering who the real dummy was. The answer was obvious ... whoever came up with this awful idea.

embedcolon25041454WATCH IT! THIS ZOMBIE BITES!
Following the success of The Rise and Fall of ECW on WWE home video, WWE then decided to have a one night revival of ECW on pay-per-view called ECW: One Night Stand in June 2005. The event was intended to give closure to all who were a part of the original Extreme Championship Wrestling, but it did so well that a year later, WWE decided to resurrect ECW permanently as a weekly series on SyFy. The most frightening part of this final clip is not "The Zombie." It’s that all of us ECW Originals knew that “WWECW” was only going to get worse.


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