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Watch your favorite Superstars’ early matches on demand

Watch your favorite Superstars’ early matches on demand

Throughout the month of October, WWE Greatest Matches is highlighting the early bouts and moments that shaped our favorite ring warriors into the WWE Hall of Famers, Legends and unforgettable Superstars they are today.

Check out these incredible clashes that gave fans an early glimpse at ring warriors who would go on to redefine the meaning of “WWE Superstar.” Then, head over to WWEGreatestMatches.com to watch all of the old school action being highlighted on demand, all this month.

embedcolon25036554Hulk Hogan vs. Bob Backlund
Years before he was encouraging Hulkamaniacs worldwide to say their prayers and take their vitamins, Hulk Hogan was a lesser known big man trying to make a name for himself. In this 1980 collision with Bob Backlund, a white-trunked Hulkster put his powerhouse offense to the ultimate test against the then-WWE Champion’s unmatched technical skills. 


embedcolon25036551Roddy Piper confronts Jay Youngblood
As ruthless as he was in the ring, it was “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s razor-tongued rants and ability to captivate an audience that cemented him as one of the most entertaining Superstars in WWE history. In this explosive Mid-Atlantic Wrestling interview – predating the first edition of “Piper’s Pit” by three years – “Hot Rod” verbally laces into his then-rival Jay Youngblood. 


embedcolon25036550“Stunning” Steve Austin vs. “Superstar” Bill Dundee
There’s something about seeing “Stone Cold” with long, blond hair that just doesn’t sit right with us here at WWE.com, but there was actually a time when The Texas Rattlesnake was known for his signature flowing locks. On May 1, 1990, a pre-finger gesturing Austin clashed with “Superstar” Bill Dundee for the USWA Southern Title – and check out those pants!


embedcolon25036553The Undertaker vs. Tugboat
Following his chilling debut at Survivor Series 1990, The Undertaker ran roughshod on the WWE locker room, beginning an awe-inspiring career that earned him multiple World Championships, a legendary WrestleMania winning streak and the respect of everyone he has crossed paths with. As the mere mention of his name was just beginning to send chills up the spines of his opponents and the entire WWE Universe, The Deadman locked up with the seemingly immovable Tugboat in this classic 1991 confrontation at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada’s Copps Coliseum.

embedcolon25036552Randy Orton vs. Billy Kidman
Prior to earning notoriety as a “Legend Killer” and ascending to the top of WWE’s food chain as its Apex Predator, Randy Orton was a third-generation upstart trying to live up to his illustrious in-ring lineage. In one of his earliest televised appearances as a WWE Superstar, Orton locked up with former WCW competitor Billy Kidman on the Sept. 15, 2002, edition of WWE Velocity. 

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