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Flo Rida to Heath Slater: 'I'm Coming for You!'

Flo Rida to Heath Slater: 'I'm Coming for You!'

Flo Rida made his presence felt at WrestleMania with a high octane performance that ushered in The Rock to SunLife Stadium in Miami. But it appears it was Flo Rida’s actions behind the curtain of The Grandest Stage of Them All that have the WWE Universe still buzzing weeks after The Show of Shows concluded.

Backstage, the rapper had a run-in with the One Man Southern Rock Band, Heath Slater. During their heated exchange, Flo Rida got the best of Slater, shoving the Superstar into the wall behind him.

In the wake of the incident, Slater took to Twitter, calling the rapper a "cheap shot artist," saying that if Flo Rida puts his hands on him again, "There will be hell to pay." Slater posed an intriguing question: "how about next time u don’t cheap shot me and we do it in the ring. So the whole world can see it." Flo Rida responded, saying "next time you will go through the wall face first."

The Twitter war of words continued:

Me scared of @HeathSlaterOMRB? Next time I'll make sure you won't get up off the ground

@official_flo trust me, if you're lucky enough to knock me down again... Keep in mind, I always get back up on my feet.

 The rapper then took things a step further as he posted a video to YouTube that shows him training for a fight. After the video’s opening alerts viewers that "The following is a public service announcement reminding you to THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET," the rapper is seen punching pads with photos of Slater taped on them. In the video, Flo Rida also emphatically states, "Heath Slater, I’m coming for you ... I don’t like talk, I like action."

The video ends with a message aimed directly at the WWE Superstar: "Action speaks louder than words."

You can watch Flo Rida's video  right here and you can catch up on this escalating war of words on Twitter by following  @official_flo and @HeathSlaterOMRB.

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