Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

It began with an announcment  that  Sting would be appearing in WWE 2K15. Then WWE COO  Triple H was on record stating, “never say never” in regards to The Stinger competing, finally, in WWE. The Chairman himself, Mr. McMahon, even tweeted about the potential of life imitating art in regards to Sting descending from the rafters into WWE. Then came Survivor Series 2014. Sting finally made his long-awaited WWE debut, confronting Triple H, taking him down with the Scorpion Death Drop and playing an integral role in dethroning The Authority.

Sting's WWE debut at Survivor Series 2014 photos | Sting debuts in "WWE2K15" | Fantasy warfare: Sting vs. The Undertaker | Triple H discusses Sting

We’re well aware of the long-standing rumors of Sting battling The Undertaker. We know that’s the ultimate sports-entertainment dream match, but there are so many possibilities with ramifications and historical impact as significant as that match. With that said, we’ve left The Phenom off this list and we’ve selected five Superstars who would make epic opponents for Sting.


Sting vs. Kane

Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

We already understand the desire the WWE Universe has to see Sting battle The Undertaker. However, there’s another dream match for The Stinger involving The Phenom’s family that would have similar ramifications and meaning. A battle pitting Sting against  Kane would certainly leave its mark on history.

The Demon’s career began in 1997, the same time that Sting’s crusade against Hollywood Hogan and The nWo was in full swing. Since that fateful night, Kane has been a staple of WWE. With a career spanning three decades and an identity unlike any other, The Big Red Monster defines what it means to be a true WWE Superstar.

For his part, Sting’s no stranger to vanquishing much larger enemies such as Vader and The Giant, but perhaps none as macabre as the towering Kane. It’d be a true test of Stinger’s tenacity and ability to both inflict and endure punishment.

Sting battles Vader at Starrcade 1992 | Sting faces The Giant at The Great American Bash 1998

Given their years of experience, their respective histories and their distinct personas, this would be much more than two great legends going toe-to-toe. This would be a true WWE vs. WCW war.


Sting vs. Chris Jericho

Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

One match we never got to see in WCW was the face of the organization against one of its biggest rising stars. At the height of WCW’s popularity in 1997 and ’98, Sting was a well-established  World Champion and  Chris Jericho was fighting through the ranks as Cruiserweight and Television Champion. But Jericho wasn’t shy about his feelings of not getting opportunities to face WCW’s top stars like Sting. Of course, Y2J would become WWE’s first-ever Undisputed Champion and won countless titles, forging a career that is certainly Hall of Fame worthy and proving wrong the naysayers of his early WCW career.

Chris Jericho debuts on Raw | Jericho becomes first-ever Undisputed Champion at Vengeance 2001

This bout — more than a decade after WCW closed its doors — would be about the legacy of WCW. It begs the question of what could have been if Jericho had been given the opportunity to face Sting all those years ago. Yet beyond even that, The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla could prove to WCW’s greatest Superstar just how far he’s come since the days of listing his 1,004 holds.

Jericho lists his 1,004 holds

WCW ended with its two most recognizable stars —  Sting and Ric Flair — battling one last time. However, it’s amazing to think a new ending for the organization could be written more than a decade later if Jericho was to challenge Sting.

Watch the final match between Sting & Ric Flair


Sting vs. John Cena

Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

While not in WWE, Sting has squared off against many of the biggest names in WWE history. He’s stood toe-to-toe with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and even  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (back when he was “Stunning”). And throughout his career — give or take one or two instances — Sting has always been a good guy. The fans have always loved him and he’s always been on the right side of history. So it would only make sense that the greatest Superstar in WCW history face off against arguably the greatest Superstar of the modern era: John Cena.

Sting takes top spot in's "50 greatest WCW Superstars" | John Cena's greatest moments | Cena's World Championship wins

Sure, Sting helped Team Cena win at Survivor Series, but this runs deeper. John Cena, like Sting, is the ultimate good guy. Cena has stared in the face of hate and betrayal. He’s been outnumbered and, when all hope is lost, the Cenation leader has always found a way. Most Superstars turn their backs on the fans every once in a while, but Cena and Sting have remained the ultimate forces for good both in and out of the squared circle.

Cena grants his 300th wish in 2012

The ramifications of such a battle would rival the impact and historical significance of when The Rock took on Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X-8. It would be two very different generations, two Superstars driven by the same goal: to be the best without compromising their integrity.


Sting vs. Bray Wyatt

Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

Throughout his tenure in WCW, Sting was a beacon of hope for all that was just. Even when he became the silent avenger battling The New World Order, Sting’s newfound darkness was a means to an end to fight "Hollywood" Hogan and the corruption of his beloved WCW.

Sting dismantles The nWo | Sting vs. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan at Starrcade 1997

Bray Wyatt is certainly an enigmatic figure — one of the most mysterious in WWE history. Proclaiming himself “The Eater of Worlds,” he strives to destroy the preconceived notions the WWE Universe has of “saviors,” be it John Cena or Chris Jericho. He wants to break his opponents down at the psychological level — just like Sting once did against The nWo.

The strange world of The Wyatt Family | The twisted history of Bray Wyatt and John Cena

With Sting's debut in WWE, Bray Wyatt would not be able to resist the urge of confronting the savior of WCW, the Superstar often dubbed “The Icon.” But Bray Wyatt would no doubt have to tread lightly because The Stinger’s years of experience and ability to manipulate his enemies is well-documented. And if Bray Wyatt thinks he can get inside Sting's head, he would have to keep in mind that Sting broke "Hollywood Hulk Hogan's confidence by playing mind games for nearly a year before their match at Starrcade 1997. Nevertheless, a bout between The Stinger and Bray Wyatt would certainly be unique, intriguing and potentially brutal.


Sting vs. Triple H

Five Sting dream matches we'd love to see

Sting’s career began in 1985. He’s been competing for nearly 30 years and never once has he set foot inside a WWE ring. There is no other Superstar in history that has been able to reach the same level of popularity and recognition without competing at least once in WWE. But Sting is the sole exception. Why? Why throughout his illustrious career didn’t he sign with WWE? If there is anyone looking for an answer to that question, it’s WWE COO Triple H.

The Game comments on Sting in WWE | Sting's greatest matches

Triple H lives and breathes WWE and there is no greater stage in the world. He’s faced — and defeated — everyone, except Sting. At Surivor Series 2014, Sting made his WWE debut, confronting The Game and taking him down with the Scorpion Death Drop. In the process, The Stinger played an integral role in dethroining The Authority. Certainly, The Game isn't going to let this go.

The King of Kings' World Title wins | Triple H's WrestleMania moments

Only WrestleMania could contain such a match. Triple H — intensely loyal to WWE — against Sting — the only Superstar to achieve greatness without a WWE career. The implications are enormous. Triple H would be fighting for himself and the honor of WWE. Sting would set out to prove that it’s his ability, dedication, perseverance and loyalty to wrestling fans around the world that got him where he is. Could The Game claim his greatest conquer of all? Or would Sting cement his legacy by dethroning The King of Kings?

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