Exclusive interview: Bad News Barrett on how he got so ripped

Exclusive interview: Bad News Barrett on how he got so ripped

When Bad News Barrett walked out at WrestleMania 31, the WWE Universe took notice.

“If I had abs like Bad News Barrett, I would never wear a shirt,” ESPN anchor Robert Flores tweeted.

Putting it in plain terms, the dude was shredded. So much so that WWE.com had to approach the five-time Intercontinental Champion in the Raw locker room to get the secret behind his new look. The cocky Brit took a break from dishing out unhappy tidings (and Bull Hammer Elbows) to tell us how he changed his physique.

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WWE.COM: What led to your recent change in physique?

BAD NEWS BARRETT: Well, I took a few months off because of an injury. As always, when I take time off, I want to come back better than ever. I felt that by improving my cardio and my physique, I would come back as an improved Bad News Barrett.

WWE.COM: Did you change your workout routine at all?

BARRETT: My workout routine is the same as it always was. I’ve always worked out very hard, very intensely, with a lot of free weights. Very little cardio, I get most of it from wrestling 20-plus minutes every day. With my genetics, you have to be careful of doing too much cardio. I’m an ectomorph and you can lose a lot of size quickly if you overdo it on cardio.

WWE.COM: What’s your diet like?

BARRETT: My diet is very good. I don’t eat junk food anymore. I stopped drinking alcohol, which probably was the biggest change. I used to be a very big beer drinker. Being from England, that’s a very common thing. I haven’t drunk alcohol in about five months, cut out the junk food and eat a lot more salads.

WWE.COM: How hard is it to maintain a physique like yours on a Superstar’s travel schedule?

BARRETT: It’s almost impossible to maintain a physique like mine on a Superstar’s travel schedule, which is why I’ve got the greatest physique in WWE right now. To be honest, you need to do a bit of planning, if you know you’re going to be traveling for a long time or the food in the area isn’t going to be too good, you need to think ahead and bring protein bars and shakes, maybe salads.

WWE.COM: How does it make you feel when so many people take notice of your physique?

BARRETT: I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about me. When I look in the mirror and see what’s looking back at me, I’m incredibly happy. Nobody’s opinion is going to change that.

WWE.COM: You were recently ranked No. 36 on WWE.com’s “Most Beautiful People” list. If the list was to be re-ranked, where would you put yourself, new physique and all?

BARRETT: I think if you took Divas out of that list, which I think is only fair to do, because I’m a guy and, naturally, I’ll get ranked lower, I think I was top 20 already. With my new abs, which weren’t taken into account, I think I’d have to be top 3. 

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