Daniel Bryan apprehends alleged burglar outside Phoenix home

Daniel Bryan apprehends alleged burglar outside Phoenix home

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is being credited with catching an alleged burglar outside his Phoenix, Ariz., home Thursday night.

Bryan arrived home with his wife, Brie Bella, to reportedly find two men running out of his house. According to Bryan, the alleged burglars had broken into the residence through the back door by using rocks and were in the process of trying to flee by crossing a fence outisde his home. 

Bryan and Brie were on their way back from a whirlwind trip that included Bryan sitting on a San Diego Comic-Con panel, meeting iconic WCW legend Sting, announcing his new autobiography and receiving the latest diagnosis of his medical condition from WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. 

Bryan, who described his decision to chase the alleged burglars as a "fight or flight" response, said he ran down and apprehended one of the suspects. "There's an expression that says, 'Exhaustion makes cowards of us all,' " the three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion told WWE.com.

The item that Bryan was most concerned about the alleged burglars taking was a watch box the Superstar received from his sister-in-law, Nikki, containing two wooden watches and a silver bracelet he received from his late father who recently passed away. The bracelet inscription reads, "To the man that you've become and the son you'll always be ..." Fortunately for the leader of the "Yes!" Movement, the suspects did not come away with the treasured gift.

Despite the emotional experience, the couple was grateful for the amazing support they received from their neighbors. "We're lucky because we had multiple neighbors calling the cops," the bearded Superstar proclaimed. "There are a lot of people watching out for each other in this community."

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