Exclusive interview: Cesaro on his shoulder injury and plans for return

Exclusive interview: Cesaro on his shoulder injury and plans for return

UPDATE, 7:57 p.m. ET: Cesaro provided an exclusive photo of him (below) before heading into surgery.

Throughout the course of 2015, few Superstars have resonated more with audiences and delivered better in-ring performances than Cesaro. The Swiss Superman’s cheering squad, the Cesaro Section, had also been sweeping arenas everywhere. However, Cesaro’s momentum was temporarily cut short the moment he learned he had torn his left shoulder rotator cuff. WWE.com sat down with Cesaro to get an update on his status, his goals for when he returns and what he wants to say the very-loyal Cesaro Section. 

WWE.COM: Cesaro, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. How are you feeling?

CESARO: Well, I’m feeling great. I’ve had the injury for over two months, but I guess I never really knew how … “bad” it was, if that’s the right word? [Laughs] So, it’s more a mental thing, because all of a sudden you can’t do what you’ve been doing. Now you have to get surgery and you’ll be out for a bit.

WWE.COM: You said you’ve been working through the injury, not knowing how bad it was. Would you classify the situation as gradual?

CESARO: I knew something was wrong [for a while], but I thought that it was just sprained or something like that. So, I iced it and had it looked at. I was like, “Oh, I have range of motion” and didn’t necessarily have too much of a loss of strength, so I knew something got hurt, but I didn’t think it was injured, if that makes sense. I kept working out and working [in the ring] obviously, and it kept getting better, but there was still something lingering. Then I thought, “Maybe if I were to know exactly what it is, it will be easier to rehab and get it better” … and then I found out it’s a complete tear. [Laughs] So, no matter how much rehab I do, it will not reattach itself to the bone, unfortunately.

WWE.COM: But you went into that appointment having no idea of the injury’s extent?

CESARO: Exactly. I got the MRI done and was like, “Okay, cool, this will help me with how to rehab and get back to full strength.” But then I got the call the next day saying, “Hey, you tore a tendon and partially tore another one.” [Laughs]

WWE.COM: When is surgery scheduled?

CESARO: Yeah, so here’s the good part: Thanks to the quickness of WWE, I went to see the doctor this morning and will have surgery this afternoon. The faster the better for me, because the sooner I have surgery, the sooner I’ll be back. Luckily, they got me in before Thanksgiving.

Exclusive interview: Cesaro on his shoulder injury and plans for return

WWE.COM: Do you have any timetable on when you may return, or is it too soon to say?

CESARO: It’s pretty much up in the air, and I don’t want to be quoted on a timeframe. I think the official timeframe I was told was like four to six months, but that all depends on how surgery goes, how my rehab goes and so forth.

WWE.COM: Beyond the obvious goal of rehabilitating the shoulder, do you have any goals you are setting for yourself upon your return?

CESARO: I just want to come back as soon as possible. I felt I was building a lot of momentum, and that was all thanks to the fans. I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten and I’ve felt that the Cesaro Section is finally rising and it’s becoming undeniable … and then, of course, this happens. It’s funny, because I am having the surgery on the day we are in Nashville, Tenn. [for Raw], which is where the Cesaro Section originated. I was actually expecting a big Cesaro Section tonight, and I’m sure they’ll be there. Unfortunately, I’ll be getting out of surgery. [Laughs]

I will be there in spirit with them. I want to keep the momentum up when I return, and I’m sure the Section will still be there.

WWE.COM: Anything you want to say to the WWE Universe, or the Cesaro Section specifically, as you begin the rehab process?

CESARO: Well, to me, the Cesaro Section is the WWE Universe, and I really appreciate all the support. It has showed me that what I believe in, other people believe in as well. I still believe in old school values, I still believe in hard work, I still believe in wrestling, and people have showed that’s what they want to see. That’s what they enjoy, that’s what they appreciate and that’s how I have connected with them. That has helped me a lot and it’s cool to see people enjoy that. I can’t wait to get back and spread that message further. 

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