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Bring It Back!: Crazy Superstar Props

Bring It Back!: Crazy Superstar Props

Long before Superstars were given their own forum to show the WWE Universe the full scope of their personality on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, they often had to find other ways to make a statement.

Though they couldn’t take to the Internet and spew out 140-character sermons to separate them from the pack, post messages to their to accrued Facebook friends or produce web shows, these ambitious competitors could make their voice heard in the highly competitive squared circle with the help of good, old fashioned props. These included – but were not limited to – furniture, lumber, musical instruments, plastic body parts, and, if the guy in question was particularly outside-the-box, an actual human being. And more times then not, these strange objects would no doubt find their way into the action sooner rather than later.

Needless to say, we here at WWE.com are quite nostalgic for the simplicity of these accouterments and the powerful message that came with them. So we culled together some of our favorites and are calling on the powers that be to bring back crazy Superstar props. (SEE PHOTOS OF OUR FAVORITE PROPS HERE)

“I’m crazy”
Nobody’s going to argue that Randy Orton’s venomous actions and signature canvas-pounding aren’t as ominous and bone-chilling as they come. The same could be said for Kane’s mysterious masks. But it was hard to compare with the inspired lunacy of Boogeyman bashing himself about the head with a giant alarm clock, or Al Snow carrying on full conversations with his mascot, Head. Perhaps the WWE Universe is ready for R-Truth to carry an actual "Little Jimmy" to the ring with him?

“I’m tough”"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan totes his trademark 2x4.
One look at a Superstar like Mark Henry will tell you that he’s not to be trifled with. But, for Superstars who don’t have the benefit of being able to move cars single-handed, a good prop works wonders to let their opponents know they were as gritty as anyone else out there. Enter Sandman and his signature Singapore Cane (the bane of many a ECW competitor), WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and his trademark 2x4 (HOOOOO!!!) or The Big Boss Man, who used his signature nightstick and handcuffs to lay waste to opponents who made the mistake of underestimating the brutal Superstar’s long arm of the law.

"Macho King"“I’m a King”
Jerry Lawler aside, royal props were relatively specific to Superstars who won the King of the Ring Tournament. But, it still exuded a certain prestige to walk down to the ring in the flowing finery of a sports-entertainment monarch. “Macho King” Randy Savage made the most memorable impact – in more ways than one – by bashing opponents with his royal scepter, but King Booker certainly made a statement with his regal vestments.

“I’m Irish”Finlay totes his signature shillelagh alongside Hornswoggle.
When the going got tough, Finlay had a shillelagh to bludgeon his opponents into defeat. And when that failed, he sometimes used Hornswoggle as a living, breathing prop, unleashing his own fastball special on several unsuspecting Superstars, who were helpless to defend against the ferocious, living projectile hurtling toward them at top speed.

Though they thrived in a much a simpler time, the return of crazy Superstar props would undoubtedly add an explosive element to today's in ring action. That's why WWE calls for today's grapplers to bring it back!

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