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Bring it Back: 10 reasons to roll WrestleMania ring carts back into WWE

Bring it Back: 10 reasons to roll WrestleMania ring carts back into WWE

WWE.com wonders whatever happened to the ring carts that used to drive Superstars to the ring in both WrestleMania III and WrestleMania VI? Yes, perhaps they were a somewhat simple-looking, rather obvious construct. Yet they truly emphasized the magnitude of the annual Showcase of the Immortals, and had such a unique look and feel that to this day has yet to be recaptured. Who can ever forget the arrival of Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III, inside the cart with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan - or "The Brain's" subsequent breakdown in the vehicle after his giant's defeat at the hands of Hulk Hogan?


Need others reasons why WWE should bring the ring carts back? Here are ten:

1) Whenever you have a long night of getting suplexed off the top rope, knocked through the ringside barricade or RKO’ed onto an announce table, you kinda need your rest.

2) They allow Hornswoggle to see what Big Show feels like in a regular ring.

3) Having a driver on the way to your match will prevent you from getting lost.

4) Let’s face it: walking’s overrated.

5) They give you a few extra moments of pre-match preparation, which you can use to review your overall strategy, check your e-mail inbox or just find your mom in the crowd.

6) They increase the chances that your opponent will psych himself out while he waits for you – those carts weren’t Ferraris.

7) Did we mention walking is overrated?Riding in style: WWE Champion Hulk Hogan

8) They allow you the ideal stage to create your classic post-match tableau as you leave the ring, with that dramatic body configuration that best captures your greatest triumph or most humiliating defeat.

9) When you surround yourself with a smaller ring, you, in turn, now look bigger.

10) If nothing else, it’s just darn good fun.


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