WWE bring it back!: Will Foley restore Hardcore?

WWE bring it back!: Will Foley restore Hardcore?

For some time, the WWE Universe has been salivating over the possible return of the defunct Hardcore Championship on Twitter and Facebook.

Now, in light of Mick Foley's return on RAW GETS ROCKED this past Monday to reinstate "This is Your Life!," hope has never been stronger as to whether this could actually happen. WWE.com pleads with the The Hardcore Legend to lead the charge and bring back WWE's most brutal titles.

While Cody Rhodes' Intercontinental Title symbolizes the emerging excellence of past icons, its out-casted, hardcore cousin stands for the excellence of all-out anarchy. (TITLE HISTORY) If you think Superstars were worried about “unsafe working conditions” under Triple H, just imagine what would happen if they ever got a dose of the ultimate monument to pure mayhem.

Up-for-grabs 24/7, the Hardcore Title was once fair game anywhere and everywhere that a challenger could drag a referee into. Its unique stipulation thrust WWE out of the ring and into places never before thought possible, unleashing sneak attacks in locker rooms, parking lots, golf courses, kid's full houses and even in McDonald's – and you thought fast food was bad for your health. 

The volatile nature surrounding the “Shattered Championship” was so great that, in its day, it was not uncommon for it to change several times in a single night. In just less than four years as an active WWE title, it changed hands more than 220 times. One can only image how quickly its reemergence would cause the squared circle to turn completely upside down.

Picture how such unpredictable disorder would shake things up. Just when Dolph Ziggler would be thinking of treating himself to that well-deserved massage after a hard-fought showdown in the ring, here comes his own manager Vickie Guerrero, dragging a referee in one hand and a steel chair in the other! And without a doubt, R-Truth's conspiracy theories will increase tenfold, the first time he gets attacked at the baggage claim on the way to the pay-per-view. Talk about airport “insecurity.”

If the Hardcore Title ever does make a comeback, alliances will crumble and insanity will rule in its place, with an iron fist stronger than any potential Raw General Manager could ever dream of wielding. Whoever will place it around their waist will instantly be painting a target on their back. Everybody will be their enemy. Big, small, Superstar, Diva: all will be potential challengers, ready to pounce to win their own piece of glory.

WWE.com says: Mick Foley, bring back Hardcore havoc!

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