WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

Everyone knows who runs the roost in WWE. You’ve got your Cenas, your Rollinses, your Lesnars. Hey, you may even throw an Ambrose or a Reigns in there if you’re feeling frisky. Today, though, we come  to praise the other Superstars and Divas that toil in the trenches in search of a glass ceiling to shatter, a brass ring to grab or anything that can vault them into the greater consciousness of the WWE Universe. The editors of WWE.com have  pooled our resources, wracked our brains and assembled a list of the eight Superstars and Divas who may not be number one on the roster … but darn it, they should be.


WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

Though his entrance song may be the most infectious and hummable in all of WWE, Fandango remains the roster’s most unsung talent. It’s admittedly easy to understand why more members of the WWE Universe don’t give the tangoing titan his due: His unbridled love of dance too often obscures his immense in-ring ability, and his win-loss record is admittedly nothing to get excited about.

Watch: Fandango gets his groove back |  Who'd he upset at WrestleMania?

Once you get past the frivolous bell bottoms, however, it’s plain to see Fandango is one of the most mechanically pristine wrestlers in WWE, his poise a byproduct of more than 15 years’ experience. With spring-loaded athleticism, the ingenuity of a young Edge and enough swagger to make the entire 40/40 Club take notice, Fandango is a consistently entertaining and innovative grappler. Smart money says that if the Universe is able to look past his two-stepping tendencies, WWE’s best-kept secret will be revealed to the world. — JOHN CLAPP

The Lucha Dragons

WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

There will never be another Rey Mysterio, but if you’re looking for an heir apparent to The Ultimate Underdog, these human ping-pong balls from NXT are a good place to start. Formed in Full Sail University after the dynamic Kalisto united with incumbent luchador Sin Cara, The Lucha Dragons instantly cemented themselves as show-stealing attractions who could back up their bravura, knocking off The Ascension’s herculean NXT Tag Team Title reign.

The fireworks continued when the Dragons appeared together on the main roster for the first time on March 30, but they haven’t been in the mix as much as you might expect since that night, as The New Day commandeered the WWE Tag Team Title picture almost instantly. However, like any good dragons, don’t expect them to be kept down for long. — ANTHONY BENGINO


WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

R-Truth’s resume is deceiving. He boasts a pair of Hardcore Title reigns, 21 days with the United States Championship and a WWE Tag Team Title tenure alongside Kofi Kingston. His success doesn’t lie in championship gold, though. It’s in longevity.

Only a handful of active Superstars have been competing for as long as he — and the bulk of that short list are not on Raw and SmackDown every week. A young Truth debuted in 2000 as Road Dogg’s new partner, got a taste for WWE’s bright lights, then left for six years to hone his craft. He was already an acrobatic and creative Superstar before, but when he returned, he was as well polished as anyone.

Sure, he had an imaginary friend for a while and befriended The Miz, but R-Truth and his aerial style have been a thorn in opponents’ sides for 16 years. Few Superstars in history can say that. — JEFF LABOON


WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

Introduced as Santino Marella’s gal-pal shortly before a neck injury forced The Milan Miracle out of action, Emma never got the chance to show what she’s truly made of. Which is a shame, because she landed on everyone’s radar in the first place thanks to her work in NXT, tearing it up with Paige in a series of matches over the NXT Women’s Title.

WWE Network:  Paige and Emma go to the mat at NXT ArRIVAL

With everyone seemingly looking past her on Raw and SmackDown, Emma returned to NXT in 2015, slightly bitter at the turn her career took and ready to show what she’s truly capable of. That new outlook has done Emma well between the yellow ropes. The once-bubbly Diva has become ruthless over the past few months. She’s reminding everyone why she was considered one of WWE’s top prospects … and why she still should be. — BOBBY MELOK

Alicia Fox

WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

Alicia Fox is many things – athletic, beautiful, certainly underrated, but more than anything else, she is crafty. Yes, it is entirely possible that the former Divas Champion’s present allegiance to Team Bella is completely genuine. But The Foxy One has forged “friendships” with everyone from Paige to Michelle McCool over the years, all with the same endgame in mind: She’ll get close, gain valuable information and then break away to exploit all the valuable intel she just obtained, making a run at Diva dominance in the process.

WWE Network:  Fox goes wild at Payback 2014

No one but the fantastic Miss Fox knows how this particular partnership will unfold. The one certainty is Fox’s current foray into the Bella Empire can, and will, catalyze her leap from “most underrated” status to serious title contention.

Oh, and that Scissors Kick. Goodness gracious, that Scissors Kick. — RYAN PAPPOLLA 

Bo Dallas

WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

In 2014, a beacon of hope set the WWE Universe alight. Bo Dallas is his name, and he is inspiration made flesh, a shepherd who rose up from NXT to become the main roster’s leading guru on matters of enlightenment and acceptance. Immediately, he rose to prominence, racking up the second-greatest undefeated streak of all time before R-Truth sullied it.

And yet, this champion, this shining light has held no titles. He has challenged for no briefcases or crowns. Instead he toils tirelessly in his mission, spreading his gospel to everyone from Neville to The Rock himself. His message is unimpeachable. His skills are undeniable. His anger, when roused, is unbelievable. He is a true man of the people, even if the people don’t quite realize what they have. You can keep your Beards and fireflies. I’m a Bo-liever. Not a trace of doubt in my mind. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

Xavier Woods

WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

It’s weird to say that former WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day are harboring a “sleeper” Superstar — we’re not even sure if those upbeat guys even take naps — but Xavier Woods just might be the secret weapon to the trio’s success in 2015. Although the musclebound Big E and the veteran Kofi Kingston boast a collective five Intercontinental and three U.S. Title reigns, Woods hasn’t necessarily gotten the individual recognition of his partners in positivity just yet. That stated, his gift of gab and kinetic, lightning-fast offense make him one of the most entertaining and promising Superstars on the current roster. The PhD candidate is also one the most intelligent competitors of the modern era, proving himself proficient in bending the rules to keep The New Day clapping their way to victory. —JAMES WORTMAN

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WWE's 8 most underrated Superstars and Divas

On the July 6 Raw, Cesaro answered John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge and proceeded to “get some” with a series of uppercuts that undoubtedly chipped even The Champ’s granite jaw. The result speaks for itself. And, despite a Cesaro loss, Cena himself was emphatic in his post-match praise of the sinewy Superstar’s abilities, refusing to let The King of Swing be perceived as a one-and-done wonder.

Cesaro on Raw: The Challenge | The Rematch |  The Triple Threat

Cena joins WWE Hall of Famers Edge and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as admirers of Cesaro’s work, and it’s easy to see why. He remains one of the most consistent and imposing Superstars on the roster. His agility continues to impress, overshadowed only by his legendary strength. As a WWE Tag Team Champion with Tyson Kidd, The King of Swing showcased not only his in-ring expertise, but also an unexpected sense of humor. With evidence mounting, one thing is clear: The multi-lingual Superstar remains “underrated” in any language. — GREG ADKINS

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