WWE SuperCard unveils Spring into the Ring event in new update

WWE SuperCard Spring into the Ring update
WWE SuperCard’s all-new Spring into the Ring event will help players plant the seeds for a slew of unique Superstar cards.

2K and Cat Daddy Games unveiled a new WWE SuperCard update today that will turn the wildly popular WWE mobile game into a real garden party.

The all-new Spring into the Ring event begins today in WWE SuperCard, which adds more than 30 new Superstar cards and a slew of new features. The update is available now for a limited time and is free to access for all players on iOS and Android.

In Spring into the Ring, players can turn Draft Board seeds into spring-themed Superstar cards. Players collect eight seeds from the Draft Board, then combine them into the Fusion Chamber in order to collect new Superstars or spring-themed parts such as watering cans, chairs or sunshine.

Then, players can combine one of these unique parts with a different seed and a WrestleMania 33, SummerSlam ’17 or Beast Card in the Fusion Chamber. In return, the Fusion Chamber will yield a unique Spring Superstar card.

Anyone looking to get a jump start on their card-growing efforts can obtain two new packs — the Seed Pack and Superstar Parts Pack — in the in-game store.

WWE SuperCard’s Spring into the Ring event will conclude on Tuesday, March 27.

WWE SuperCard, which is developed by Cat Daddy Games in conjunction with Visual Concepts, is available now to download free of charge on the App Store for iOS devices, as well as the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android devices.

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