10 things we want to see in 2015

10 things we want to see in 2015

The New Year always comes with so much promise and unpredictability. Who could have guessed last January that Evolution would reunite or that Daniel Bryan would finally get the better of The Authority in 2014? And the mere thought that someone could end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak was irrational. But it all happened. 

After a year that drastically changed sports-entertainment forever, the bar is set pretty high for 2015. The WWE Universe wants to see more jaw-dropping, heart-thumping moments, and 2015 will surely bring them. As the New Year gets under way, look at the WWE Universe’s wish list for 2015.

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The Rock returns to challenge Rusev

10 things we want to see in 2015

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island, all of Kings County was electrified when The Rock made a shocking Raw appearance at the Barclays Center. Confronting Rusev and Lana, The People’s Champion seemed like WWE’s first true hope to end the duo’s anti-American campaign.

With the borough’s name emblazoned on his Roots of Fight jacket, Rocky laid a verbal smackdown on both Rusev and the ice-cold Ravishing Russian. But Lana and her charge stood toe-to-toe, holding their own in repartee. So The Brahma Bull landed a series of devastating right hands, sending the brute sailing over the top rope and scrambling to the locker room.

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Despite all of that, no competitor has been able to pin Rusev or force him to submit. But all of that may change if, in 2015, Rusev finally goes one-on-one with The Great One. — ZACH LINDER


Randy Orton RKOs the entire roster

10 things we want to see in 2015

Randy Orton doesn’t care if you’re a giant who’s twice his size or a Legend who’s twice his age, he’ll gladly lay you out with an RKO. He’s countered everything from the Five-Knuckle Shuffle to the Shooting Star Press with an RKO out of nowhere.

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No one is immune to Orton’s bad side, but some are lucky enough to stay out of his path. So The Viper’s only performance goal in 2015 should be to drop every Superstar on the roster with his deadly finisher.

It’ll take some persistence, but a Superstar as ruthless as Orton excels at thoroughness. — JEFF LABOON


Kane breaks the Royal Rumble Match eliminations record

10 things we want to see in 2015

The Royal Rumble Match is WWE’s ultimate test of endurance and muscle. It takes a lot of power to launch opponents over the top rope, and after 15 appearances in the annual matchup, Kane has shown he’s the most dominant of all. Now it’s time for the record to back it up.

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The Devil’s Favorite Demon seemed poised to break the mark for all-time eliminations in 2014, but failed to toss a single opponent during his lackluster 0:56 in the bout. For the second consecutive year, Kane enters the Rumble Match trailing Shawn Michaels’ record of 39 total eliminations by one, but following his 2014 misstep, expect Kane to be on a mission in 2015.

Records are meant to be broken, right? — JEFF LABOON


Tyson Kidd and Natalya create the Mixed Tag Team Title

10 things we want to see in 2015

Fact: When it comes to mixed tag teams, you won’t find a more formidable pairing than Hart Dungeon graduates Tyson Kidd & Natalya. But there’s yet to be a true division in which the married mat technicians can display their talents. Based on Kidd’s success in both NXT and WWE in 2014 — and the ego he developed as a result — we’d love to see him take his new attitude to the next level and create a championship for himself and his “Total Diva” wife.

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It might take some convincing on Kidd’s part to get the more reserved Natalya on board with such a radical idea, but we can’t imagine any couple better suited to become the first WWE Mixed Tag Team Champions. If the titles feature diamond-encrusted Persian kittens on the plates, all the better. — JAMES WORTMAN


Seth Rollins cashes in at WrestleMania 31

10 things we want to see in 2015

Every Superstar dreams of holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the closing moments of WrestleMania. The Money in the Bank contract all but guarantees that golden ending for one lucky Superstar, yet no one has been patient enough to capitalize on it at The Show of Shows.

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Ten years after Edge became the first Money in the Bank contract holder at WrestleMania 21, it’s time for someone to take advantage and cash in the contract on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Enter Seth Rollins. If the “future of WWE” wants to kick off the Rollins era, WrestleMania 31 makes for the perfect setting. — JEFF LABOON


Cesaro wins the resurrected King of the Ring

10 things we want to see in 2015

Like many members of the WWE Universe, we would love to see the return of the King of the Ring tournament. What better way to crown the most regal Superstar than through a one-night tournament, the ultimate test of strength, will and stamina?

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Of all the Superstars, one stands out as worthy of being a king. Cesaro has proven time and time again that he can hit hard, muscle around WWE’s largest competitors and grapple with the best in the world. He’d have no trouble outlasting seven others to take WWE’s crown and scepter. In 2015, we’re hoping Cesaro upgrades from King of Swing to King of the Ring. — BOBBY MELOK


Ronda Rousey steps into the squared circle

10 things we want to see in 2015

Ronda Rousey can talk the talk and walk the walk, but can the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion hold her own inside WWE’s squared circle? That’s what everyone wants to know, because on paper, Rousey and WWE seem like a match made in sports-entertainment heaven. 

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A lifelong fan of WWE, Rousey already has sports-entertainment ties after adopting Roddy Piper’s “Rowdy” nickname and leading a stable of female MMA fighters called “The Four Horsewomen.” It also doesn’t hurt that Rousey is known for her vicious armbar submission and unapologetic trash talking. Seeing Rousey step inside the squared circle is a dream scenario that needs to happen in 2015. — SCOTT TAYLOR


Daniel Bryan reclaims the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

10 things we want to see in 2015

In 2014, Daniel Bryan was forced to vacate his WWE World Heavyweight Championship after suffering a severe neck injury. While Bryan recovered, Brock Lesnar decimated John Cena to win that same championship.

Oddly enough, The Authority, the same governing power that injured Bryan and used a special ruling to strip him of the championship, handed Lesnar that title opportunity. In a way, Lesnar’s reign is all that remains of The Authority’s legacy.

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It would only be fitting if Bryan — the man who The Authority tried to stop — officially closed the book on the power group and took back what’s his. — MIKE MURPHY


The Undertaker enters the Hall of Fame

10 things we want to see in 2015

Since his debut in 1990, The Undertaker has remained WWE’s most enigmatic figure. With The Deadman’s career spanning a quarter century, it would be truly fitting to mark his 25th year as a WWE Superstar with an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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To be clear, we’re not suggesting The Undertaker should retire. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But we do want to see The Deadman’s career get the recognition and immortality it deserves, and 2015 — 25 years since The Phenom’s debut — is the perfect year to cement his legacy. — KEVIN POWERS


The Shield finally square off

10 things we want to see in 2015

How glorious will it be when the planets align, Mercury falls into retrograde and Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns finally step into the ring against each other?

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These guys had their squabbles in The Shield, but have splintered off into different directions since the split, with Rollins siding with The Authority, Ambrose wreaking havoc, and Reigns becoming Superstar of the Year. Given that all three are shoe-ins for future WWE World Heavyweight Championship contention, it’s only a matter of time before their paths cross. The champion of the future may come down to a Triple Threat. Believe that. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

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