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10 things every WWE fan must do this summer

10 things every WWE fan must do this summer

The temperature’s rising and the school year is over, leaving many in the WWE Universe wondering how they might spend their summer vacation. Sure, sports-entertainment enthusiasts can count on the weekly installments of Raw, SmackDown and WWE Main Event, not to mention thrilling pay-per-views like Money in the Bank and SummerSlam. That still leaves plenty of hours to fill between now and Labor Day.

Don’t worry; WWE.com has some helpful suggestions for your summer itinerary. Looking to grapple with the great outdoors? Want to take your culinary skills to the extreme? Check out these 10 recommendations on how to take WWE with you as the WWE Universe converts its calendar to summertime.

Take a WWE-themed road trip

Everyone in the WWE Universe knows that there’s nothing like seeing your favorite Superstars and Divas in person. That’s why attending a WWE Live Event continues to be a rite of passing for every fan. Literally anything can happen when WWE pays a visit to your hometown arena, from Triple H showing up a longtime rival to the unannounced entrance the unannounced entrance of a WWE Legend a WWE Legend. Championship gold may even change hands at a WWE Live Event, just as it did to the benefit of Primo & Epico last year.

See if WWE will visit your town this summer

Why stop at your local venue, though? Perhaps you’re up for a July trip to Atlanta’s Philips Arena, the building where Edge won the 2010 Royal Rumble Match. Maybe you can fit in an August visit to TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, where John Cena seized the World Heavyweight Title from Chris Jericho at Survivor Series 2008. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could always go global by checking out a Live Event when WWE tours Japan, Australia, South Africa or China this summer.

Go fishing for championship gold

Fishing enthusiasts may not need a reason to take up their rod and reel, but that doesn’t make the summer pastime any less entertaining for them. Whether they’re taking it easy on a lake with a frosty beverage or setting out on the high seas in search of a big catch, anglers can find adventure every time they cast their lure into the water.

Check out a photo gallery of soaked Divas

Though some certainly fish for sport, a little research and a lot of patience could turn a fisherman into a WWE Champion. Anyone casting a line from the Shiawassee Street Bridge in Lansing, Mich., might pull up the WWE Title that The Rock threw in when he hurled “Stone Cold” Steve Austin into the Grand River in 1999. Anglers from Bridgeport, Conn., might hook the WWE Championship that Edge left behind in 2006, when John Cena chucked The Rated-R Superstar into the Long Island Sound. Given the many times a Superstar sent his rival into a body of water, the WWE Universe shouldn’t be surprised to find a coveted piece of sports-entertainment memorabilia at the end of their fishing line.

Serve up a summer barbeque

For the foodie contingents of the WWE Universe, the arrival of summer also signals the official start of grilling season. Whether your preference is charcoal or gas, steak or vegetables, high heat or low and slow, every wrestling fan can come up with a way to serve up some barbeque goodness with a side of sports-entertainment.

Make your own WWE-themed barbeque!

Using WWE to spice up your barbeque menu, why not try a TLC burger that stacks up tomatoes, lettuce and cheddar like Superstars pile on tables, ladders and chairs? Or mix up some yolks, mayonnaise and your hottest spices to pay tribute to Kane by offering The Devil’s Favorite Deviled Eggs. And no matter what you do, make sure to have plenty of J.R.’s BBQ sauce to help you grapple with finding the perfect grilling flavors for your every meal.

Study up on SummerSlam

Folks of all ages can’t wait for summer to begin, but the WWE Universe secretly looks forward to the dog days of August most of all. That’s because the eighth month of the year is the traditional time for WWE’s midsummer marquee event, SummerSlam!

Get the latest information on SummerSlam

Since that leaves nearly two months between the end of spring and the hottest event of summer, what’s a WWE fan to do in the meantime? Those eight weeks can be spent revisiting the greatest SummerSlam matches of all time, or paying tribute to the Superstars who thrive in July and August. More importantly, members of the WWE Universe looking to attend this year’s edition of the highly-anticipated pay-per-view have ample time to plan a visit to the annual festivities of SummerSlam Axxess.

Recreate a WWE ice cream treat

Older members of the WWE Universe fondly remember the WWE Superstars of Wrestling ice cream bars, a cold summer treat with a sports-entertainment twist. And despite the best efforts of CM Punk, who has previously advocated for the return of the dessert, the ice cream bars cannot be found in the freezer section of your favorite supermarket.

Take a refreshing look at WWE's ice cream bars

That unfortunate fact should not preclude any WWE fan from trying to recreate the snacks at home, though. Any enterprising WWE fan can layer a scoop of ice cream on a cookie and top the sandwich with a chocolate coating. A Superstar sketch with food coloring can complete the recipe, allowing the WWE Universe to enjoy the legendary ice cream bars in the comfort of their own homes.

Have a “Bash” at the beach

Summertime is synonymous with sunshine, which makes the beach an obvious recommendation for some much-needed relaxation. Whether fun in the sun means a day catching some rays, building sand castles with friends and family, or just breathing in the coastal air, there’s little confusion in why many describe some sun-soaked excitement on the sand as a “day at the beach.”

Watch the best of WCW's Great American Bash

But why stop by having just a “fun” day like everyone else? Why not champion a memorable experience by mimicking WCW’s Bash at the Beach? Challenge your friends to a volleyball game with a title on the line, or recreate the episode of the hit TV series “ Baywatch” that featured Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and “Macho Man” Randy Savage, among others. Just remember: Always listen to the lifeguard, even if it means they won’t be a de facto lumberjack in your version of WCW’s Lifeguard Match.

Take a hike with WWE ‘13

A day in the great outdoors can come in many forms, from following a trail through your local park to a long weekend of camping. Or you can follow the lead of JBL, who has recently combined his philanthropic efforts with the daunting task of climbing the world’s Seven Summits.

Learn more about JBL's efforts with Seven Summits for Kids

It’s a big world out there, which may leave you asking: Where do I begin? Well, before you and your friends start your expedition, trying breaking out a copy of WWE ’13 and using it to settle the debate. Each friend chooses a destination, then battles for video game supremacy in a Loser Leaves Town Match, with the winner deciding your group’s final hiking destination.

Sharpen up your competitive eating skills

For many, the Fourth of July recalls the anniversary of the reading of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, an event recognized annually in the United States with parties, fireworks and copious amounts of barbeque goodness. However, a proud few know the annual holiday for one of the most unique competitions in the world: Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest, held each year on Coney Island in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Watch WWE's sloppiest food fights

It takes a lot of training and a voracious appetite to enter the world of competitive eating, but the WWE Universe can start small by trying their luck at similar contests featuring their favorite Superstars and Divas. So study “Captain” Lou Albano’s pie-eating techniques from yesteryear. Observe how AJ Lee and Kaitlyn consumed candy at a record pace during their WWE NXT days. Pay close attention to how Mick Foley and Santino Marella cracked crab legs at WrestleMania XXVIII. Then dig in!

Grapple with your foes … and a nine-iron

Wrestling and golf may not seem like an obvious connection, but the skills required for one competition can easily translate to another. Superstars and Divas must remain at peak position to excel in the ring, while golfers need to sharpen their focus and practice precision to experience success. Put those two skill sets together in one WWE competitor and you’ll have yourself a champion in the making.

Watch The Miz golf 'fore' charity

So instead of expressing surprise at the sight of your favorite Superstars out on the golf course, why not hit the links for a round? Heck, golf is frequently played in groups of four, allowing you and three friends to compete for supremacy in a very different kind of Fatal 4-Way Match. Just remember that drivers are for hitting golf balls and not each other, and that The Masters refers to a revered golf tournament, not the former WWE competitor who dared his rivals to take the Masterlock Challenge.

Plan for your Fourth of July pyrotechnics

If there’s one thing that an Independence Day celebration and WWE competition have in common, it’s fireworks.

No, that doesn’t mean the drama and suspense that develops in the heat of battle. It refers literally to the explosions and burst of lights that illuminate the night sky on the Fourth of July — or the ones that announce a Superstar’s arrival. Who in the WWE Universe isn’t left in awe by a colorful display of pyrotechnic power?

Watch the Fireworks, WWE style

Of course, these grand displays aren’t cheap, and they’re designed by trained professionals. Unless you can pony up the dough for their help, why not scout the site where your city or town puts on its Fourth of July Fireworks display instead? Then, you can figure out how to make an entrance at the fireworks festivities that would let your neighbors think the patriotic pyro was intended just for you.

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