10 things every WWE fan must do this winter

10 things every WWE fan must do this winter

While the holiday season is in full swing, the northern hemisphere now needs to prepare itself for a harsh truth: winter’s coming. After the stockings are hung by the chimney with care and the cups of kindness are taken for auld lang syne, WWE fans will soon need to start shoveling out from the snow and retrieving firewood to keep warm before they can watch their favorite Superstars and Divas in action.

Although WWE may primarily be an indoor form of sports-entertainment, that doesn’t mean your favorite Superstars and Divas are unable to heat things up when the temperature dips below freezing. The weather outside may soon be frightful, but you can still make your winter delightful with these 10 suggestions on what to do as the WWE Universe approaches the coldest time of the year. 

Make a Straight Edge snow angel

10 things every WWE fan must do this winter

Looking to leave a lasting mark when the first winter snow starts to fall? When enough of the powdery stuff accrues on the ground, just lie on your back and start waving your arms and legs to make a snow angel.

Unsure of whether your snow symbol is angelic enough? Take a cue from WWE Champion CM Punk, who takes pride in his snow angel techniques and even once demonstrated them on the NBC talk show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” ( WATCH) Just repeat how The Straight Edge Superstar makes them and your snow angels are sure to be the “Best in the World.”

Slobberknock your holiday leftovers

10 things every WWE fan must do this winter

Regardless of how and where you celebrate the holiday season, there remains one consistent theme in everyone’s plans: food. The holiday dinner represents an opportunity to sit down with family and friends and share a meal and memories of the year gone by.

Of course, those celebratory feasts often involve copious amounts of food, which eventually results in plenty of leftovers. And when it’s time to take a second look at the figgy pudding, what better way could you enhance the experience than by slathering your serving with some of good ol’ J.R.’s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce. ( MORE) It’s a guaranteed way to turn your second pass at a holiday meal into a true slobberknocker.

Take in a WWE Live Event

There may be plenty do in the wintertime, but the cold winds, snow accumulations and short periods of sunshine are hardly conducive to prolonged fun in the great outdoors. So instead of staying out in the cold, dark winter’s night, get warmed up in the cozy confines of your neighborhood arena by checking out an upcoming WWE Live Event.

The atmosphere is always electric when WWE rolls into town, which should surely help any member of the WWE Universe who is battling a case of cabin fever. Besides, it was just last winter when Primo & Epico defeated Air Boom to win the WWE Tag Team Championships at a live event in Oakland, Calif. Could history be made again at a Live Event this winter? ( TICKETS)

Master the WWE video game universe

There is one week between Christmas Day and the moment when everyone flips their calendar to 2013, which means there’s approximately 168 hours to get reacquainted with the many WWE video games released through the years. From “MicroLeague Wrestling” on the Commodore 64 and Atari ST to “WWE ’13” on your favorite gaming console, there’s plenty of ways to bring WWE action into the comfort of your own home. ( WWE'S HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES)

Of course, no one would blame you for focusing your efforts on the most recent WWE video game release. “WWE ’13” pays tribute to sports-entertainment’s past by bringing back The Attitude Era in a manner that left Game Informer magazine “hard-pressed to think of a more enjoyable and complete wrestling game in history.” And with AJ Lee and Ryback  (among others) now playable in the game as part of the latest DLC Pack from THQ, “WWE ’13” gamers should have no trouble occupying themselves during a long winter’s night. ( MORE)

Practice your Brogue Kick

If enough snow accumulates in your neck of the woods, it may be tempting to head outside and build a snowman. It just takes a little effort, a few mounds of rolled-up snow and some flourishes like a top hat, a button nose and two eyes made out of coal.

Yet once your frosty creation is free-standing, what’s left to do? Why not follow in the footsteps of Sheamus and practice your Brogue Kick? ( WATCH: SHEAMUS' BEST BROGUE KICKS) Just plant your right foot into the nearest spot of solid ground and, presuming your winter boots have appropriate traction, lead with your left leg and knock that snowman’s block off. Then you can start over and rebuild a bigger, stronger snowman that only a Celtic Warrior would love.

(Note: Only practice your Brogue Kick on a snowman you’ve created. You never know if that lonely snowman down the street was built by a 7-foot neighbor who packs a KO Punch like Big Show.)

Get caught up on Glacier

Very little of the history of the squared circle goes unnoticed by WWE.com’s Classics team, and that most certainly includes the existence of Glacier. Earlier this year, they revisited the tenure of the former WCW competitor, whose outfit and persona were inspired by the character known as “Sub Zero” from the best-selling Mortal Kombat video game series. Glacier made quite a first impression upon his WCW debut in September 1996 by capping his arrival by pinning The Gambler in his first match, which promptly sent a shiver up the collective spine of the WCW roster in the weeks and months to come.

Unfortunately, Glacier’s rise to greatness did not quite pan out, as the frosty fighter struggled with injuries and stronger opponents like Goldberg. By 1999, the icy competitor’s rise had melted, but the man behind the mask, Ray Lloyd, still competes from time to time when he’s not teaching physical education and lacrosse at a high school in Georgia. ( WHERE ARE THEY NOW: GLACIER)

Bake WWE-themed gingerbread cookies

10 things every WWE fan must do this winter

A surefire way to embrace the holiday spirit involves baked goods. Some homemade coffee cake on Christmas morning or apple pie for dessert can bring a great meal to a proper conclusion or add some wintry cheer into the regular snacktime.

So while those desserts may help satiate the Average Joe’s hunger, they still come up short in the WWE Universe. That’s why WWE.com recommends baking some gingerbread cookies styled like your favorite Superstars. Some extra care can turn your average gingerbread goodness into a treat that would definitely leave Ryback chanting: “Feed me more!”

Build an Elimination Chamber snow fort

10 things every WWE fan must do this winter

A time-honored tradition in the wintertime is a snowball fight, when one or more friends bombard their opponents with snowballs. A good snowfall can create one great snowball melee, but the WWE Universe can take that battle to the next level by adopting one of the fiercest competitions in the history of the squared circle.

It may seem difficult to build an Elimination Chamber completely out of falling flakes, but the right temperature and a generous snowfall can provide the raw ingredients for a perfect replica of the steel structure. Then, you and your friends can pace out the snowball brawl for as long as you like (presuming the temperature doesn’t rise too high, forcing the structure to melt).

A “Stone Cold” caroling recommendation

10 things every WWE fan must do this winter

In the 2003 film “Elf,” Buddy, the adopted elf that serves as the film’s main character, teaches his friends “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” And if sharing some holiday cheer ranks high on your list of priorities these next few weeks, then caroling may be for you.

Or if you’re a member of the WWE Universe, it may be the means to remind the world of the tenets of Austin 3:16. As your fellow revelers sing out with their favorite holiday tune, a WWE fan might choose to summon his inner “Stone Cold” Steve Austin by bellowing out “What?” at the end of every line of lyrics. There may be better words that grasp the spirit of WWE, but The Texas Rattlesnake’s one-word motto should easily put an exclamation point on any holiday carol.

Read “A Most Miz-erable Christmas”

It’s a Christmas Eve tradition in many households to host an annual reading of the poem called “A Visit from St. Nicholas” — or as it’s affectionately known by kids from age one to 92, “The Night Before Christmas.” It perfectly sets the stage for the seasonal anticipation when all is quiet at your house and not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.

Of course, one may choose to opt out of that holiday tradition in favor of reading something in the spirit of WWE. Hence, stop at your local bookstore to pick up Mick Foley’s newest book, “A Most Miz-erable Christmas,” which chronicles the tale of The Awesome One as he tries to trick Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. It’s a guaranteed fun read, but you don’t have to take WWE.com’s word for it. Chances are, The Miz will be more than happy to share his thoughts on Foley’s latest creative work. ( MORE)

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