Fan Feedback Friday

Fan Feedback Friday

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One more weekend of voting, and come this Monday night on Raw -- WWE will have a brand new Diva all because of YOUR votes.

Who are YOU voting for? Is it the blondelicious Brooke? Or the exquisite Eve? Well, you've all had a lot to say about it and now it's time to read our last edition of Fan Feedback Friday!

General Comments

Lena got eliminated? No way! I do agree with Lena; there should be a recount. There must have been a mistake.
Juan - Miami

I must admit I was a little disappointed when Lena was eliminated on Raw, but I like Eve and Brooke and I'm glad a girl from southern California is going to be the next WWE Diva. Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to a former Diva Search contestant, Candice.
Jarell -- Los Angeles

The 2007 Diva Search was pretty great until Raw. Lena should have never been voted out and I believe there should be a recount in the votes. She has the most heart and you can tell throughout all the competitions she wanted the WWE contract the most.
Mary -- Chicopee, Mass.

Since Taryn has been eliminated, I do not care who gets picked. Taryn was the best for the job. WWE has really lost a true talent.
Robert -- Mount Vernon, Wash.

Lena got eliminated? That's unbelievable. How can someone as amazing as her get overlooked like that? She's the best. I voted for Lena everyday and it's a big disappointment that we can't have the Asian Sensation on the WWE roster.
Gavin -- America, N.Y.

Fans, what can I say? You messed up this year. Here was your chance to bring in a Diva with talent, beauty and personality hardly seen to WWE. Lena was more qualified to be the next Diva than any of the others in the competition. I hope those in power realize this and put Lena on the roster despite this setback.
Lapana - Laie, Calif.

About Brooke Gilbertsen

I love the Diva Search this year and I would love to be a Diva one day. If I do become a Diva, I'd like to be just like Brooke. She's so bubbly and cute and she kicks butt. GO BROOKE!
Theresa -- Hyannis, Mass.

I don't really think about the Diva Search anymore because my gut feeling is telling me Brooke is going to win. I don't think anything is going to stop her now. She's got her home crowd behind her 100 percent.
Morgan -- San Diego

I think the Diva Search is going great. My Diva pick has been Brooke all the way. She is one of a kind and she won't have any problem winning.
Tammie -- Fort Bragg, Calif.

About Eve Torres

I think Eve should win. I saw her on Raw and she was great. She is so talented and beautiful. I think she has everything WWE is looking for. What more could you want? She has a great body and a lot of confidence.
Amanda -- Huntsville, Ala.

From the beginning I have said it and continue my support for Eve. She is so sexy and dreamy; I can feel my heart race when I look at her. GO EVE!
Dale -- Modesto, Calif.

Eve Torres should win. She is just beautiful. Her beautiful body will be something every WWE fan will enjoy to see in a bikini contest as well as a pillow fight.
Jose -- Utica, N.Y.

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