Weekly roundup: Volleyball

Weekly roundup: Volleyball

Who is ready for a hot, sexy, sandy game of volleyball? To kickoff the opening of the 2007 WWE Diva Search voting, the eight contestants will battle it out in a blondes vs. brunettes, best two out of three games tournament.

This isn't your average gym class volleyball game -- the competition is fierce. The eight contestants are all experienced and adept when it comes to beach volleyball, and these Diva hopefuls aren't afraid to risk their bodies to prove who is most athletic -- the blondes or the brunettes. Watch all the action in WWE.com's exclusive videos of the games, pick your favorite Diva hopeful and vote for her to stay in the 2007 WWE Diva Search competition. The one with the least amount of votes will be eliminated on Sept. 17.

The volleyball game kicks off a huge week of fresh, new Diva Search content on WWE.com. Every week you can look forward to the following:

Monday: We'll offer a weekly roundup of the competition, plus final pleas from each contestant. Starting next week, watch out for the first Diva hopeful elimination.

Tuesday: Don't forget to come back and watch a new competition each week and vote for your favorite contestant up to once a day per registered e-mail address.

Wednesday: Read Wednesday Warnings, where each remaining contestant will tell you who she thinks should get voted off that week.

Thursday: Get ready for The Diva Debates, where current WWE Superstars and Divas will watch and offer commentary on each week's competition, complete with a lesson from Matt Striker, your teacher.
Friday: Check out Fan Feedback Fridays where WWE.com will post the best and most interesting feedback from our fans. Give us your feedback now!

Saturday: Get to know the contestants in Getting Personal sponsored by Tag. See the Diva hopefuls complete tasks and find themselves in silly situations as they follow one another with handheld camcorders.

Sunday: Check out Sunday Post-game for interviews with the contestants about each week's competition.

• There will also be tons of new photos highlighting each new competition. On Tuesday and Thursday, check out exciting action photos; and on Wednesday and Friday see sexy studio shots.

What are you waiting for? Check out this week's volleyball competition and vote for your favorite 2007 WWE Diva Search contestant up to once a day per registered e-mail address until Sept. 17, when the first hopeful will be eliminated. The fate of eight, beautiful women is in your hands. Are you up to the task?

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