Wednesday Warnings

Wednesday Warnings

Young women growing up often hear "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." While most girls might follow that advice, it doesn't exactly work if you're a WWE Diva. In this first edition of Wednesday Warnings, all eight Diva hopefuls open up and reveal who they think will no longer be with them when the first week of voting comes to an end.

Lyndy Frieson
If I had to pick, I'd say Jessica. She's competitive and strong, but she doesn't take failure very well. She missed a serve and after the game, she was beating herself up over it. It's great that she doesn't like to fail, but get up, get over and move on. Have fun.

Brooke Gilbertsen
Pertaining to this competition, I feel that Naomi wasn't a go-getter when it came to volleyball and taking initiative. She's a little wary and her competitive side didn't show through too much; however, I love the girl and I think that she's still a Diva at heart.

Jessica Hatch
J. Kim's a little young. As a Diva, you're looked at by all of the women around the world and sometimes they'll look up more to someone who is a little more mature. Additionally, I'm an athlete-plus-actress-plus-personality. I don't think she has that acting ability to snap into being someone else.

J. Kim
Taryn needs to go home. She's telling people she's here to wrestle. It's fake. She's not here to wrestle; she's here to get her face out there. Out of all the girls, she's the one that goes on about the other jobs she's had. People are going to vote for her for the wrong reason.

Naomi Kirk
I think Lyndy will be voted out. I just don't think she gave it her all for the volleyball competition. I know we all worked really hard, but some worked a lot harder than others. She's shy and didn't do as much as the other girls did.

Taryn Terrell
Naomi's going to be voted out. After watching the volleyball competition, I don't think she tried really hard. I haven't played since junior high, yet managed to kick butt. She wasn't aggressive enough. I don't think I can see her holding her own in the ring with someone like Mickie James or Victoria.

Eve Torres
I think Naomi will be eliminated because even though she did great in many parts of the competition, I don't think volleyball showed off her strengths.

Lena Yada
Naomi. Volleyball is not my strongest point, but even more so, it's not hers. If you're going to be a Diva, you try your best to stand out; I don't have any feedback on her because I don't remember her that much. Because I don't remember her, she should be the first to go.

The contestants have all weighed in, but it's up to you to decide who truly deserves to move on to the next round. Be sure to cast your vote and check back each Wednesday after the newest competition coverage is published, as the remaining contestants disclose who they think will be the odd girl out.

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