Final pleas: Volleyball

Final pleas: Volleyball

With the revealing of the next competition set for tomorrow, today must be D-Day -- decision day. Tonight, one beautiful, talented woman will be ousted from this year's Diva Search by our fans. The announcement will be made tonight on at a little after 10 p.m. ET.

Of course, all of the contestants are confident they will be sticking around. Find out why each one thinks she is deserving of your votes with the first weekly edition of Final Pleas.

Lyndy Frieson
I am confident because of my personality and my strength. I'm a WWE fan, number one. I love this company, and it shows. Ever since I've come home from Los Angeles, I've been studying WWE. I really want to go forward with this. It takes dedication and athleticism to do this. It's everything combined and I'm ready for it.

Brooke Gilbertsen
I felt great about the volleyball competition. I got to show my fun side as well as my competitive side. I also showed that I can hang in, in a group-interactive sport. I brought my A-game. I want this so bad and I feel like I've got what it takes. I'm a true Diva. I love entertaining people and I'm in it to win it.

Jessica Hatch
I proved myself in the competition. I gave 100 percent in everything and I excelled over a lot of the girls athletically and with my personality. Since returning home, I've promoted myself with flyers and in newspapers and radio stations. I've been going above and beyond, doing everything in my will, and I'm very devoted to my fans. They're what matters most, obviously.

J. Kim
I'm not worried at all about this first week. I stood out as one of the better volleyball players. Everybody's competitive sides came out. You can tell that some of these girls aren't competitive at all, so I think that I excelled in this week's challenge and I have built enough of a fan base that I will definitely make it through the first week.

Naomi Kirk
I'm confident I'm going to be sticking around. I did really well in the volleyball competition for never having played before. I think that shows how athletic I am. It shows the WWE fans what I'm capable of doing as opposed to the other girls who have been playing volleyball since high school. And I've just got the look to be the next Diva.

Taryn Terrell
I'm confident that I will be voted on throughout the whole competition. No doubt. I'm aggressive. I haven't played volleyball since junior high, yet I find a way to excel at any task that's given to me. So I think that coupled with my athletic ability and my fun, playful personality, leaves no doubt that WWE needs a Diva like me.

Eve Torres
I am confident that I will still be standing after this week's votes. I worked hard for the votes by putting my all into that last competition. The fans should vote for me just so they can see what else I have coming for them!

Lena Yada
I'm pretty confident I'm going to be staying, but anything can happen with America's vote. I'm definitely not the tallest and I'm definitely not the youngest, but I've tried out twice to get where I am today, so that should prove to everybody just how much I want to be in this competition.

Be sure to cast your vote before the first round closes at 10 p.m ET (sharp!) tonight. These Diva hopefuls are counting on you! And don't forget to catch the next competition and full coverage of the first elimination, all revealed on Tuesday.

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