Farewell Naomi

Farewell Naomi

The first round of Diva Search voting came to a conclusion on Monday night, bringing the difficult task of saying goodbye to Naomi Kirk. After first reading the news on WWE.com, Naomi took a moment to compose herself and then answered questions about the results.

"When you think about it, WWE went across North America. I can't even imagine how many girls they interviewed, and I made it into the final eight," she said, recognizing the incredible accomplishment.

Naomi added that unlike most of the other girls in the competition, she never played volleyball. Still, she was able to hold her own in the battle of blondes vs. brunettes.

"It was a huge accomplishment and I can't let it bring me down," Naomi said. "It got my face out there and you never know, maybe I'll get a contract with WWE anyway."

Naomi thanks the fans who voted for her and parted with a final message.

"I would have been a great Diva. I've got the most unique look out of everyone there. But good luck to everyone!"

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