Fan Feedback Fridays: Surf & Rescue

Fan Feedback Fridays: Surf & Rescue

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As the Diva hopefuls hopped into the cooling California waters to save the life of a most fortunate dummy this week, you the fans hopped onto your computers to give us your much appreciated input.

Check out what you had to say about this year's Diva Search and, remember, the fate of these four remaining women is in your hands. We want to know all about what you're thinking. Fan Feedback Fridays can't happen without you.

General Comments
I think that Diva Search should be put on Raw and SmackDown. The Diva hopefuls should be more involved with the shows. They are vying to be the one of the hottest women in sports TV, so give us (and the girls) a taste of what is in store for them.
Jeremie -- Orange, Texas

I'm really happy the 2007 Diva Search is, for the most part, online only. I've always been a huge fan of the WWE Divas, and I've always felt the Diva Search takes away from the hard work the real WWE Divas have put into making the women's division such a great part of WWE. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Diva Search and it has produced a couple of good divas (i.e. Maria and Ashley), but to have to devote a segment of Raw or SmackDown to that instead of watching current Divas kick butt? I'll pass on that.
David -- Columbus, Ga.

J. Kim was without a doubt the most beautiful, talented and athletic of all the contestants. She had a personality, fire and drive about her that put her worlds ahead of the other contestants.  She would have made the perfect Diva. Now that she's gone, I can see no point in even continuing to follow the contest.
Sidney -- Bowling Green, Ky.

Let's see... WWE Divas need charisma. Jessica has that. WWE Divas can wrestle... Jessica has that… WWE Divas are athletic... Jessica has that. WWE Divas are hot… Jessica is certainly hot. I don't see why Jessica didn't win this year.
Michelle -- Los Angeles, Calif.

I would like it better if we could see them on TV. You can't tell very much from them on the Web alone. I don't really have a favorite this year. The last three years of the Search was great. I just think we would all like it better if we can see how they do on live TV. They are going to be on TV every week so we need to see how they can handle being in front of a live show.  :)
Danielle -- Parksley, Va.

Ever since the first Diva Search premiered, the contestants haven't really shown that they want to be a WWE Diva. I think that each Diva Search needs to train the "Divas" to wrestle matches and have a contest in which they actually wrestle in a match with a veteran Diva (maybe the Women's Champion).
Junior -- Woodruff, Wis.

I think the whole thing is ridiculous. The WWE already has great talent, such as Victoria, who continues to not be used properly. Focus more time on her great talent instead of pushing someone else who most likely will be cut in a couple of years.
Jason -- New York, N.Y.

The buzz around the Internet is (SHOULD IT BE "WAS" SINCE SHE'S ALREADY GONE?) that Jessica Hatch is going to win. While Taryn has done some interviews here and there I've heard far more from Jessica Hatch. She even went out to meet some wrestling legends recently which shows her passion and shows how much she cares about being in WWE.
Mike -- Boston

About Brooke Gilbertsen
I first voted for Naomi Kirk, she got eliminated. Second, I voted for J. Kim she got eliminated. Now I am voting for Brooke Gilbertsen. I hope she wins!!!!!!!
Sabrina -- Windham, Maine

I think Brooke has the most potential. She may not be as tough and rough as the rest, but she will bring a lot to the WWE. She is, by far, the confident Diva hopeful. She is not the sporty kind, but she is confident. She'll do well, SO VOTE FOR BROOKE.
Paige -- Los Angeles, Calif.

I think that Brooke should win. I was a little disappointed to see J. Kim go I must admit. But Brooke has a perfect body -- the whole package. She's still young and able to move quick, which will really help her when she becomes the next Diva. Pick Brooke, please!
Taylor -- Waldo, Fla.

About Taryn Terrell
Taryn Terrell is by far the most athletic of the Diva hopefuls put together. She would make the best Diva out of them all. But good luck to all of them. VOTE FOR TARYN TERRELL!!!
Dan -- Two Rivers, Wis.

In my opinion, I think Taryn Terrell is the best one there and I hope she wins. You can tell she isn't there for the money, she's there to live her dream. Also, she already knows how to wrestle. She's the winner in my eyes.
Candy -- Chicopee, Mass.

This year's Diva Search has been great. Like previous years, someone always stands out.  Before, it was Ashley and Layla. This year, it's Taryn Terrell. Her beauty is unsurpassed and her athleticism and engaging personality and desire to be in the WWE set her apart from the pack.
Michael -- Bronx, N.Y.

About Eve Torres
I think it's cool. I like Eve Torres. She is hot and can make a good WWE Diva. I hope she wins the Diva Search.
Chris -- Williamson, W.V.

I think that Eve Torres is by far the best Diva Search contestant this year.  She's incredibly beautiful and athletic and she seems the most down to earth and seems like she deserves to be a Diva.
Kelly -- New York

I think everybody should vote for EVE TORRES. She'd make the perfect Diva for the WWE. She's hot, pretty, athletic -- what else could you need? They should just end the Diva Search and name the winner EVE TORRES.
Angel -- Wheeling, Ill.

About Lena Yada
I love Diva Search. I hope and pray the lovely Lena wins the Diva Search. That's who I always vote for. You go, Lena -- you're the best.
James -- Carolina, W.V.

I really think that Lena Yada has what it takes because she has all the skills that the WWE is looking for. Plus, she has the attitude that the WWE is looking for -- even in her pics. So, I really think that Lena should win this year.
Amy -- Liverpool, N.Y.

Personally, I'm enjoying this year's Diva Search because it isn't taking up as much air time as the previous ones. Having said that, I'm really hoping to see Lena Yada win. She has all around talent and intelligence. Plus, I'd like to see an Asian woman win this! Seriously, we need more diversity! :-)
Lee -- Flemington, N.J.

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