Final Pleas

Final Pleas

Tonight at 10 p.m. ET, another decision will be made and the pack of five remaining Diva hopefuls will dissipate into a final four. The beauties take one last opportunity in convincing you to vote for them in Final Pleas.

Brooke Gilbertsen
I'm fun, energetic, quick on my toes, and a handful of entertainment that WWE's fans won't ever get sick of.  I'm a classy, fire-up girl who is ready to show what I'm made of! Come on, fans, keep voting Brooke! As a WWE Diva, I promise I won't let you down.

Jessica Hatch
I absolutely do not feel like I'm going to go. I'm really starting to feel a connection with everyone and they're starting to learn who I am. I think it's definitely not the time. It's just one week closer to the finish line for me.

Taryn Terrell
Being a Diva is being able to talk, being athletic, competitive, glamorous, all of that at the same time. The videos show I'm here to win. This competition was so important because it showed how you are on a microphone. I didn't hesitate. As a Diva, you have to be able to talk in front of a huge audience. It's just another aspect of my personality which proves that I'm a Diva.

Eve Torres
I think I deserve it because I'm the next Diva. I think I did well in all the competitions. So far I haven't let the fans down, and I'll continue not to let them down.

Lena Yada
Last week's results completely blindsided me. It goes to show you never can tell. Fans vote every week for who they want. They have their likes and dislikes and they know who they're going to vote for. My hope is that I'm just on that list. Once again, I'll leave it up to the fans and we'll see what happens.

What happens is completely up to YOU. Who will it be? This is your last chance to vote for your favorite Diva hopeful before voting closes for the week. Save a Diva; cast your vote.

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