Fan Feedback Fridays: Rapid Fire

Fan Feedback Fridays: Rapid Fire

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The five remaining Diva Search hopefuls have had their hands full with the Rapid Fire questions they're fielding this week. And tons of you were rapid enough to fire off your thoughts to us about this week's competition -- for which we are eternally grateful.

Remember the fate of these five remaining women is in YOUR hands and we want to know all about what you're thinking. Fan Feedback Fridays can't happen without YOU.

General Comments
I think J. Kim was robbed. She was the perfect package. She would've made an amazing, beautiful, strong Diva. But it's time to look at the remaining Diva hopefuls and just hope that one day J. Kim will appear regularly on WWE programming each and every week. Keep up the great coverage of the 2007 Diva Search and we'll miss you J. Kim.
Nick -- Shelbyville, Ind.

Bring back J. Kim she was hottest!
Michael -- Boca Raton, Fla.

After a few weeks, I've come to the conclusion that these girls are the most "catty" contestants ever. That could either be a good or bad thing.
Alicia -- Baltimore

The Diva hopefuls are hotter than ever. I enjoy keeping up with the contestants and look forward to it every time.
Devesh -- Tampa, Fla.

I really loved Lyndy Frieson so I voted for her everyday. How come she got cut? I was very disappointed with this result. Now I don't care about the other Diva Search contestants. Many people did not make good judges of the Diva hopefuls. But I still love her and support her. One day she will be back in WWE!
Fukui -- Orlando, Fla.

As I said before, the WWE 2007 Diva Search is going fantastically! However, I think we've yet to see the best of the remaining contestants. Let's see this thing get narrowed down a bit and let's see whose got it and who doesn't. Personally, I'm torn among Taryn, Jessica, and J. Kim...and Eve, and Brooke, and Lena, and, oh hell, if only one girl has to win please give the other girls developmental deals!
Billy -- Marshall, Ark.

About Brooke Gilbertsen
Brooke is by far the most attractive and agile Diva hopeful in the search. She better win, I'm doing my part each day, do yours.
Joe -- Ypsilanti, Mich.

I think that Brooke should be the next Diva. I've been very good at voting for the next Diva and I've been right for the past two years -- so I'm going for the third straight year. Brooke is very good at what she is doing. She has a body and looks to die for. She should be a tag team partner with the very hot John Cena. So pick Brooke.
Tammie -- Fort Bragg, Calif.

The Diva hopefuls are cutting Brooke down for not being athletic. They are just jealous that she is the most feminine one of all. Real men don't salivate over masculine women. Brooke noticeably outshines the others in quickness, effort, agility, poise, stamina and positive competitive spirit. Stunts won't be a problem for her. WWE is all about entertainment. Wanna improve the image of the role model WWE Diva? VOTE FOR BROOKE GILBERTSEN!
Willie -- Orange, Calif.

About Jessica Hatch
I think that Jessica Hatch is gonna win this one.
Caleb -- Dickson, Tenn.

Man I love this year's Diva Search! My favorite would have to be Jessica Hatch. She has everything -- beauty, brains and an athletic build. Now, I don't believe there will EVER be another Lita or definitely never another Trish Stratus, but I can see Jessica as the Women's Champ in the near future! Good luck, Jessica -- I'll be voting for you.
Emma -- Lexington, Ky.

The Diva Search has been great on This year I see Jessica Hatch winning the whole thing. She seems like a natural. She's an athlete and she's hot, too. She seems to want it the most too. She's got a lot of Trish Stratus qualities.
Chris -- Miami, Fla.

About Taryn Terrell
This is by far the best Diva Search. The girls all seem to really want it and will bring a lot of athleticism and beauty to WWE. The one that will bring the most in my opinion is Taryn. She is amazing!
Annette -- Jennings, Fla.

It sucks that Naomi, Lyndy and now J. Kim are gone, but we all gotta move on! I hope Taryn Terrell wins, but best of luck to the remaining five diva hopefuls.
Jon -- Elkins Park, Pa.

Just wanting to wish Taryn lots of luck! She and I go back since she was in high school!!! Taryn - you are doing and looking awesome!! Keep it up!!!
Brandi -- Baton Rouge, La.

About Eve Torres
There are plenty of Diva hopefuls to pick and choose from, but one girl stands out the most... I'm talking about Eve Torres. Her name stands out as an icon itself. It sounds so beautiful yet devious. She's the most athletic, hottest and best suited for this competition. I think you all should vote for Eve. She can bring a lot more to the table then past Divas. She seems like a great fighter. Don't get me wrong, but Christy was annihilated every week by Trish, Ashley wasn't a good fighter and every punch was slow and Layla just... danced. Eve can be a great Diva! EVE 2 WIN!!!!!!
Tyler -- New York

This Diva Search is the best one yet. I think that the Diva Search segments should be on Raw and SmackDown. My favorite Diva Search contestant is Eve Torres.
Vanessa -- Aberdeen, N.C.

I love the 2007 Diva Search contest and my favorite contestant is Eve. She is the sexiest one out of all of the girls and I hope she wins.
Wayne -- Sarnia, Ohio

About Lena Yada
In the past three Diva Searches, the Diva who won usually looks similar to the current WWE Divas. This year we should all make Lena Yada the winner. She is beautiful and brings a completely different look to the WWE. .::!!LENA TO WIN!!::.
Gregory -- Akron, Ohio

Lena has to be the overall winner of Diva Search 2007. She has the perfect amazing looks and has already shown her great athletic ability. Basically, Lena is the total package that is missing from the roster of WWE divas.
Andy -- England

I think Lena Yada is awesome. She's beautiful and she can make her body do things that make you think bad thoughts… She's perfect for WWE.
Michael -- Springfield, Ohio

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