Farewell J. Kim

Farewell J. Kim

On Monday night, WWE had the unpleasant task of saying goodbye to one of the 2007 Diva Search's most spirited contestants, J. Kim. J. Kim had made it past the first two rounds of voting, but her name was called after the Obstacle Course competition came to a close.

"I'm a little bit surprised," she said. "I really wasn't expecting to go this week."

The five survivors may feel a bit of relief when Wednesday Warnings comes around and J. Kim isn't dishing out verbal bullets. She arguably stirred up the most controversy with her responses.

As far as Final Pleas are concerned, J. Kim was always confident she'd be sticking around. The last edition was no exception.

"Maybe it hasn't hit me yet that it's over," she said. "Maybe I didn't dedicate enough time to [campaigning]. I really thought I was getting the votes from the fans, but I guess it wasn't enough."

J. Kim still hopes to be a WWE Diva someday. In the meantime, her message to our fans was as brutally honest as her Wednesday Warnings interviews.

"You guys suck," she said, laughing. "If you wanted me to be the next Diva, you would have voted for me, but you didn't so it's your loss."

Watch J. Kim's goodbye videos and take a look through her last picture gallery.

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