Fan Feedback Fridays: Obstacle Course

Fan Feedback Fridays: Obstacle Course

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Though our 2007 WWE Diva Search hopefuls are fighting through the Obstacle Course this week, thankfully so many of you are not finding any obstacles when it comes time to write us with your feedback.

Remember the fate of these six remaining women is in YOUR hands and we want to know all about what you're thinking. Fan Feedback Fridays can't happen without YOU.

General Comments
They should hold ALL beauty competitions like this. Not only are these women fabulous, beautiful and charming -- they're also intelligent, honest and forthright. They are a symbol of femininity to girls and women worldwide. Good luck to all the lovelies. 
Bob -- Buffalo, N.Y.

I can't wait to see the next Torrie Wilson or Candice Michelle or Melina or Mickie James or Maria or the next Mrs. Layfield.
Alexus -- East Point, Ga.

How can people NOT vote for Naomi? What is wrong with everyone? Naomi was adorable and energetic and a natural beauty, a trait that is so rare in women these days.
Paolo -- Toronto

To the fans who voted Lyndy out... All of you are about as smart as screen doors on a submarine.
Charlie -- Oakfield, N.Y.

About Brooke Gilbertsen
This year's Diva Search is extremely hot. However, I have to say that Brooke Gilbertsen is without any doubt the perfect girl for being a WWE Diva. The blond beauty has everything this business needs. She has the look of a Miss Universe, a down to earth personality, and an athletic beach-bikini body with perfect curves. She is just the perfect Diva who I am sure will make WWE more interesting for everyone, including the female fans.
Geir -- Karasjok, Norway

She's the ideal positive Diva role model who has brains, beauty, a fun personality, competitive spunk, and a glow that could light a football field. She can kick butt (No. 2 in LIMBO, what agility), show her adventurous spirit and still be a RAW CLASS ACT! Uniquely exotic(Eurasian glow) and the curviest cutie. VOTE BROOKE, DIVA #1.
Tom -- Orange, Calif.

I think that the Diva hopefuls this year are hot. My favorite would be Brooke Gilbertsen, though. She's pretty competitive. So she's the one that's got my vote!Nikki -- Stewartville, Minn. 

About Jessica Hatch
I'm really enjoying the Diva Search this year! It's kind of neat that it's all online, it feels like a little private group just for us! My favorite has been Jessica Hatch from the first time I saw the girls. She reminds me of Trish a bit! I hope she wins!! Good luck everyone!!
Dana -- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I like the 2007 Diva Search! My favorite contestant is Jessica Hatch! She's hot! Go Jessica!
Brent -- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

They are all very beautiful and sexy . However, as far as the WWE is concerned, Jessica Hatch seems to stand out and could be the next female champion. Winston -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

About J. Kim
I like that is the exclusive home for the Diva Search and it doesn't take time out of Raw, SmackDown, and ECW. The 2007 WWE Diva Search seems like it has the best competitors so far. My votes are all going to J. Kim though, I think she is the best choice because she seems like the most athletic and she is gorgeous!
Patricia -- Houston

I think the winner of the 2007 WWE Diva Search  will be J. Kim because she has what the other women don't have, and that is talent, courage and confidence. If I was in the Diva Search competition, J. Kim and I would team up and kick their butts.
Morgan -- Duncanville, Texas 

I think this year's Diva Search is the bomb! All the lovely ladies are hot! But I think J. Kim should take home the crown! She is the real queen of WWE.
Rick -- Gillespie, Ill.

About Taryn Terrell
I think that Taryn Terrell should the next WWE Diva. I mean yes she's beautiful, sexy and hot, but look at what she's been through. She's from Louisiana, which meant she had to battle Hurricane Katrina. Not only does she deserve to be a Diva but she deserves to be the women's champ as well.
Scott -- Clayton, Calif.

I like Taryn Terrell. She's athletic, very beautiful, talented and she loves WWE. She respects the WWE Divas. She loves Mickie James and Victoria and she knows what it takes to be a WWE Diva. Trust me, she has all the goods. She's the best one and she better win.
Chris -- Panama City, Fla.

Taryn Terrell is by far the best Diva Search candidate I've ever seen! She has all the great qualities of a great Diva so she'll be a natural fit with WWE. She's strong, high-spirited and has a great personality... Not to mention that she's one of the most gorgeous girls around. It will be a shame if Taryn Terrell does not make it into WWE. Go Taryn!!!
Jose -- Scottsdale, Ariz.

About Eve Torres
I think this year, WWE is taking a different approach than the previous years. I watched last year how they did things during Raw or SmackDown and honestly they weren't the best contests... This year your showing how far they will go to please our fans... I think Eve should win because she has it all and then some!!
Josh -- Fort Worth, Texas

I think Eve should be the next WWE Diva. She is so talented and by far the prettiest. Eve might have what it takes to be the next Trish Stratus.
Brittney -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Eve is who I'm here to see, hands down! No one else can compete with her combination of beauty, personality, natural talent and "Raw" sex appeal. She's in it to win it and I'm behind her 100 percent! This year's contestants all bring beauty and personality to the table, but Eve is the standout, as far as I'm concerned. Not only is she almost inconceivably beautiful and extremely athletic, but she's the only one who doesn't remind me of any other Diva past or present.
James -- Richmond, Va.

About Lena Yada
I knew as soon as I saw Lena that she had to be the one to win the 2007 WWE Diva Search. I mean she is hot and has some very good skills. She better not be voted off or you won't have a real winner. Go Lena!
Mel -- Chesterfield, Va.

I think Lena has this in the bag. Not only is she MAD SEXY but she brings something new, and interesting to the WWE; Asian power and sexiness. Or as she calls it, Asian Sensation. She has the most perfect body, too, and is tremendously athletic.
Jeshua -- Revere, Mass.

Lena is gonna win. Nuff said.
Keith -- Westbury, N.Y.

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