Wednesday Warnings

Wednesday Warnings

The remaining three contestants for the 2007 WWE Diva Search have been able to co-exist so far, but that comes to an end this week. Once again, you, the fans, will have to vote in order to choose a winner. The three survivors offer their input on who should be sent packing.

Brooke Gilbertsen
I definitely have to go with Eve this week because her personality just doesn't strike me as one that could fulfill a Diva's role. It's just a little bland in my opinion.

Eve Torres
It's not a coincidence that I have mentioned Brooke in the last three Wednesday Warnings. Brooke is a cute, nice girl, but I would really hate for the fans to make the wrong decision and end up with someone so timid as their next WWE Diva.

Lena Yada
Last week Brooke stated that she realizes just how bad she wants this. No. That shows me that she is not 100 percent dedicated to this competition. Many of the girls wanted it from day one and it's just a shame that they had to go and she stayed. It's not fair to the other girls or to the fans.

So, who will it be? Their fate is in YOUR hands. Cast your votes and decide which lovely lady will be the next WWE Diva.

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