Wednesday Warnings

Wednesday Warnings

Last week, the eight Diva hopefuls unloaded and revealed who they thought would be voted out in the first round. This week, the seven remaining competitors do it again with Wednesday Warnings. Get up close and personal with these lovely ladies who don't hold back.

Lyndy Frieson
I think Taryn has to go because she went the lowest at limbo. LOL.

Brooke Gilbertsen
I think J. Kim will be voted out. All of the competitions have been so serious to J. Kim. Every once in a while, it's okay to let loose and be your bubbly self instead of always putting on that competitive front. I think the fans want a variety of her personality. It's okay to show off that smile!

Jessica Hatch
Taryn. She's a dancer/cheerleader. She has that spunk and personality, but she doesn't have the athleticism to really get down and dirty, like in wrestling. She's a cute girl and she might seem like she's tough, but she doesn't have the athleticism to really go forward with that.

J. Kim
Jessica Hatch definitely needs to go. She cheated in limbo. Also, last week she said she wanted me to be voted off because of my age. She's just mad because she looks 30. She's an actress. She's not here to be a Diva and wrestle. She's a cheater and a liar and WWE doesn't need somebody like that.

Taryn Terrell
I think Lyndy's going to go. I think she's great as a Hawaiian Tropic model, but when it comes to having the competitive, athletic ability, I think she lacks. I don't think she brought a competitive spirit or an enthusiastic, outgoing personality. I think she was blasé.

Eve Torres
I think Brooke will get voted out. I just think that out of all the personalities, hers is least Diva to me. I think the fans are going to recognize that from the footage and the competitions.

Lena Yada
I'm going to go with Taryn only because she beat me in Limbo. She beat me. I have no better reason. She beat me at Limbo. She's got to go.

You've read what the seven prospective Divas think, but it's YOU who gets to decide. Help your favorite Diva hopeful stay alive in the 2007 WWE Diva Search. Cast your vote now!

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