WWE Magazine Presents: The 1,000 Most Awesome Things

WWE Magazine Presents: The 1,000 Most Awesome Things

Out Now—WWE Magazine’s 1,000 Most Awesome Things

The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves
WWE Magazine celebrates the best WWE has to offer by naming the 1,000 Most Awesome Things in sports-entertainment! We list the 50 most devastating finishing moves in history, from Undertaker’s Tombstone to Triple H’s Pedigree. See which maneuvers made our definitive list!

30 Amazing Pay-Per-View Posters
WWE hypes each and every pay-per-view event with an artistic poster, just like your favorite blockbuster films. With months upon months of posters to choose from, WWE Mag singled out the 30 most definitive and memorable ever released. Take a step through time!

The 20th Anniversary Of The Divas
Twenty years of WWE Divas demands an equal number of the finest magazine photos of the fiercest women ever to step inside the ring!

The Best Body Parts
WWE Superstars spend endless hours strengthening their bodies for in-ring competition. In tribute to their commitment to excellence, we decided to highlight their finest features—find out what was named as John Cena’s strongest attribute, or which part of Sheamus’s physical arsenal is his most dangerous.

The Most Foreign Objects
WWE rings hide warehouses-worth of foreign objects, ranging from grappling staples—such as chairs and tables—to the outright ludicrous—like mops and hockey sticks. Everything on this list is equal parts deadly and over-the-top.

Memorabilia Galore!
Scope the coolest and rarest merchandise we found in our super-secret stash—including figures, games, gym bags, buttons, piggy banks and those ever-elusive WWE ice-cream bars!

Hundreds of facts & stats!
Our list of the ENTIRE 2013 WWE roster, with all your favorite WWE Legends!

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