Welcome to WWE High!

Welcome to WWE High!

They say the WWE locker room’s a lot like high school, where identities are formed, egos clash and alliances shift on a regular basis. But what if today’s Superstars were actual teenagers? WWE.com presents WWE High, where everyone’s on the ring committee. Meet the student body, then download your own WWE High class photo!

John Cena

Welcome to WWE High!

This athletic upperclassman’s “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect” has not only made him captain of WWE High’s football team, but one of the most celebrated students to ever grace its halls. A friend to band geeks and jocks alike, Cena has big career aspirations, intending to use his football scholarship to pursue a doctorate in Thuganomics.

Activities: Varsity football, freestyle rap after-school club, “Attitude Adjustment” Peer Leadership Group President

The Miz

Welcome to WWE High!

To be awesome, or not to be awesome? That’s never a question for The Miz. This thespian-in-training is the president of WWE High’s drama club, starring in a one-man production of “Hamlet” the WWE High Gazette hailed as “tolerable,” and even a play he wrote himself, “Les Mizerables.” Always by his side is his stalwart understudy Damien Mizdow, who’s ready to take the stage at a moment’s notice.

Senior Superlative: Most Likely to NOT Do His Own Stunts

Nikki Bella

Welcome to WWE High!

You can look, but you can’t sit with her. Nikki Bella is the “queen bee” at WWE High, setting trends, starting gossip and breaking hearts as the snooty captain of the cheerleading team. In the past, she’s been known to switch places in class with her brainy twin sister Brie — a tactic that comes in handy during calculus exams.

Senior Quote: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

Welcome to WWE High!

Nobody likes a teacher’s pet, which probably explains why Seth Rollins hasn’t made himself many friends since he arrived at WWE High from Nathan Xavier Tompkins Middle School. Quick to tattle on his peers during class and always looking out for himself, Rollins has made himself an enemy of his former best friend Dean Ambrose, an unhinged class clown who always has a few water balloons, spitballs or stink bombs with Seth’s name on them.

Seth’s GPA: 4.0

Dean’s GPA: 0.4

AJ Lee

Welcome to WWE High!

The other girls at WWE High don’t quite know what to make of AJ Lee, and that’s perfectly okay with her. This geeky girl next door would much rather play through “Metal Gear Solid” for the 46th time than listen to whatever Nikki Bella has to say about shoes, and stays out of the drama whenever she can avoid it. With a style all her own, AJ skips through the halls to the beat of her own drum. 

Senior Quote: “People don’t want to see women doing things they don’t think women should do.” – Joan Jett

Brock Lesnar

Welcome to WWE High!

When he’s not shoving WWE High’s freshmen — and a few of its teachers — into  lockers, Brock Lesnar is pounding his opponents on the wrestling mat as the sole WWE High student to earn a victory over dominant rival school, Death Valley Prep. Lesnar is rarely seen in class, but according to his guidance counselor, Paul Heyman, he’s poised to emerge as “The Next Big Thing” in collegiate wrestling.

Activities: WWE High varsity wrestling team, hunting and fishing club 


Welcome to WWE High!

Emerging in WWE as a result of WWE High’s Foreign Exchange program, Rusev has garnered accolades as a champion chess player, utilizing tactics perfected by Russian Chess Grandmasters like Garry Kasparov and Dmitry Jakovenko to rule the board against his American opponents. A medal honoring his many accomplishments never seems to leave his muscled neck.

Senior Quote: “The Russian people and Russian culture are the linchpin, the glue that binds together this unique civilization.” – Vladimir Putin

Randy Orton

Welcome to WWE High!

A rebel that spends a lot more afternoons in detention than study hall, Randy Orton sticks to the shadows of WWE High, scoffing at do-gooders like John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Like his WWE High alum dad, Orton has dabbled in team sports, but they really aren’t his thing. Orton’s a loner, and seldom appears at big social events — but when he does, it’s completely “outta nowhere.”

Activities: N/A

Daniel Bryan

Welcome to WWE High!

With a burgeoning beard and an omnipresent positive attitude, Daniel Bryan has dedicated much of his time at WWE High to helping others by being deeply involved in student government and speaking out as a youth activist. From lobbying for vegan options in the cafeteria to raising funds for the school’s 4-H Club, Bryan is the passionate voice of WWE High’s students.

Senior Superlative: Most Likely to Start a Movement

Class photo

Welcome to WWE High!

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