WWE's 5 hottest summer blockbusters

WWE's 5 hottest summer blockbusters

There might be some gigantic movies hitting the multiplex this summer, but for the most explosive action during the hottest months of the year, look no further than the WWE ring. Grab your popcorn and check out five of WWE’s most bombastic summer blockbusters reimagined as Hollywood hits. Then, print out high-res posters of each movie mash-up, exclusively on WWE.com!

WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Vader: SummerSlam 1996

“That’s no moon, it’s Big Van Vader.”

Shawn Michaels returns to SummerSlam to defend his WWE Championship against Jim Cornette’s ultimate weapon, Vader, a masked behemoth with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Confronting the forceful “dark side” of his vile foe, HBK travels far, far away to Cleveland, where a war with the mammoth menace will decide the fate of the entire WWE Universe.  Bestowed incredible gifts by his sage master Jose Lothario, can the rebel Michaels find a new hope at SummerSlam, or will The Mastodon strike back? | Watch HBK and Vader clash

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WWE's 5 hottest summer blockbusters

Team WWE vs. The Nexus: SummerSlam 2010

“Superstars assemble!”

To combat the threat of the nefarious Nexus, John Cena unites with an elite team of mighty super-powered ring warriors to smash the WWE NXT upstarts and avenge those who have felt their fury, including the ultimate “Agent of W.W.E.,” Mr. McMahon.

With so many clashing personalities rounding out this marvelous team-up, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge and Chris Jericho join Cena on a true journey into mystery at SummerSlam 2010. Excelsior! 

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WWE's 5 hottest summer blockbusters

WWE Champion John Cena vs. CM Punk: Money in the Bank 2011

“A hero can be anyone.”

Cynical and disillusioned after years in sports-entertainment, CM Punk prepares to leave WWE once and for all. Ever the firebrand, The Second City Saint makes a stunning promise on the eve of his departure: He will defeat WWE Champion John Cena at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view and disappear from WWE with the title.

In front of a rabidly biased crowd in his hometown metropolis of Chicago, The Voice of the Voiceless and bane to Mr. McMahon’s existence goes one-on-one with “The Champ” in an intense, grueling and emotional battle of wills. Hanging in the balance is not only WWE’s most prestigious title, but perhaps its very soul. Is this darkest of nights when the CM Punk legend is broken, or can he rise and become The Best in the World?

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WWE's 5 hottest summer blockbusters

John Cena vs. Big Show – Steel Cage Match: No Way Out 2012

“Hold on to your butts.”

John Cena and John Laurinaitis – polar opposites in nearly every way – have one key thing in common: They both face possible WWE extinction at No Way Out, as Cena meets Big Show in a vicious and claustrophobic Steel Cage Match with both Cena’s and Laurinaitis’ careers on the line.

Trapped in a perilous metal “amusement park” with The World’s Largest Athlete, the Cenation leader must outwit and evade his larger-than-life predator and escape his ruthless steel confines … or go the way of the dinosaur. It’s a race for survival at New Jersey’s IZOD Center, one that will push Cena to the very limits of human endurance and ingenuity. Will life find a way?

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WWE's 5 hottest summer blockbusters

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar – No Disqualification Match: SummerSlam 2012

“You’re gonna need a bigger sledgehammer.”

It’s a hot summer in WWE. When an unstoppable monster begins terrorizing the roster, an injured icon must again lace up the boots and “go back into the water.”

At the 25th annual SummerSlam, The King of Kings, Triple H, returns to action and faces the “perfect killing machine” that broke his arm several months prior with the vicious Kimura Lock: Brock Lesnar.

When these two exceptionally physical and intense Superstars row out to sea and battle at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, it’s a war between man and beast. The only question is: Who will return to shore in a contest that truly makes for “The Perfect Storm”?

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WWE's 5 hottest summer blockbusters

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