WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

Damien Sandow put an abrupt end to Teddy Long’s barbecue at SuperSmackDown LIVE: The Great American Bash. The intellectual had no time to deal with hot dogs, hamburgers, apple pie, bikini-clad Divas and Zack Ryder’s DJ-ing. So, he literally pulled the plug on the party, setting off a fracas that ended with Long Island Iced-Z dousing his former flame Eve with punch ( WATCH). Sandow’s actions make him the latest addition to a long list of Superstars who have no time for festivities. Look back on 10 moments where WWE parties were crashed.


Triple H has an objection to Stephanie McMahon's wedding

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

Stephanie McMahon, who had been involved in a romantic relationship with Test throughout the year, planned to wed her beau on an emotional edition of Raw in November 1999, but Triple H had other plans. Just as the couple were about to utter their “I dos,” The Game emerged on the stage to halt the ceremony. As the McMahon family fumed in the ring, Triple H suggested the adoring pair inspect a piece of footage. What proceeded on the TitanTron was the most shocking video ever shown on Raw. The Cerebral Assassin, cruising with the convertible top down in Las Vegas, entered a drive-through chapel and quickly wed Mr. McMahon’s pride and joy in a $40 ceremony while Stephanie remained unconscious in the passenger seat.

It was the ultimate wedding crashing, rivaling Benjamin Braddock shouting “Elaine!” at the end of "The Graduate." But The Game hadn’t just fled with the bride – he had already married her. ( WATCH)

The Rock lays the smackdown on his own party

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

Only several months removed from one of the most intense and brutal rivalries in the history of sports-entertainment ( WATCH), Mankind attempted to make amends with The Rock. The pair won the World Tag Team Championship on two occasions, much to the dismay of The Great One ( WATCH), but Mick Foley was elated with what he believed was a new lifelong friendship.

To show his appreciation, Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy threw The Rock a blowout for the ages, introducing personalities from his partner’s past to show him “This Is Your Life!” The celebration was the highest-rated segment in the history of Raw, but The People’s Champion must not have agreed with the people. Rocky was hardly on board with Foley’s display of affection and insulted each guest who joined the soiree, crashing his own party at every delightfully quirky turn.

Eventually, The Brahma Bull didn’t need to put a stop to The Hardcore Legend’s shenanigans – Triple H, a true villain, stormed the ring and stopped the shindig for good, marking a unique occasion where a party was crashed not only by an outsider but also the celebration’s own honoree.


“Stone Cold” drives a Zamboni into the ring during Mr. McMahon’s WWE Title ceremony

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

Mr. McMahon had visions of grandeur in his mind when he planned out a red-carpet ceremony to crown a new WWE Champion on Monday Night Raw in Detroit. Kane and The Undertaker simultaneously pinned “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a Triple Threat Match for the title the previous night at Breakdown: In Your House. The gloating WWE Chairman was about to award one of The Brothers of Destruction with the championship when The Texas Rattlesnake showed up to air his grievances.

Austin had commandeered the Joe Louis Arena’s Zamboni, steering it on a collision course for ringside. “Stone Cold” ran over everything in sight as he rammed it into the squared circle, sending everyone in the ring crashing to the canvas.

The former champion put the Zamboni in park before climbing on its hood and making a daring leap over the top rope and onto Mr. McMahon, unleashing fists of rage on his boss as security tried to pull him off. They eventually succeeded, cuffing The Texas Rattlesnake as McMahon got a few shots in. Austin smiled as he was led away, knowing he had ruined what was supposed to be a huge night for WWE. ( WATCH)

Kurt Angle puts an end to “Stone Cold” Appreciation Night with a milk bath

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

Just a few years after Austin’s Zamboni incident, he would be on the other side of things. “Stone Cold” turned his back on WWE to be the leader of the WCW/ECW Alliance. The group of invaders wanted to show Austin how thankful they were for his guidance, so they organized " 'Stone Cold' Appreciation Night."

Alliance members lined up to pay tribute to The Texas Rattlesnake, presenting him with gifts, video tributes and even a song, as the group delivered an eardrum-shattering rendition of “Wind Beneath Our Ring.” While “Stone Cold” was busy admonishing Tazz for failing to wear an Austin T-shirt, Kurt Angle was planning an attack.

Angle saw that Debra gave “Stone Cold” some homemade cookies, and thought he might like something to wash them down with. The gold medalist sped to ringside behind the wheel of a milk truck. Angle parked the vehicle before he began hurling dairy cartons at The Alliance. To make sure everyone got their fair share, he then took the truck’s hose and showered Austin and his cronies in milk. As WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross put it, milk-o-mania ran wild as Angle took part in the festivities, dousing himself in dairy as Raw went off the air. ( WATCH)

Mick Foley experiences WWE's Evolution

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

Returning to his home venue of Madison Square Garden after more than a year and a half away from WWE, Mick Foley was honored for his achievements in a special tribute that solidified his status as a true Hardcore Legend. The celebration included, among others, longtime friends “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Al Snow and Tommy Dreamer and even Mr. McMahon himself. Foley was presented with the retired Hardcore Championship in a handsome framed case, making him the permanent Hardcore Champion. ( WATCH)

But not all members of the WWE roster were thrilled with this laudatory display. Randy Orton, The Legend Killer, attempted to put an end to the newly crowned legend in the backstage area. His attack on Foley moved to a stairwell, where the hometown hero was punted in the skull and sent falling down the flight of steps. On one of the defining evenings of Mick’s career, he was assaulted and embarrassed by WWE’s future Apex Predator. ( WATCH)

Jerry Lawler takes exception to Bret Hart's King of the Ring coronation

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

At the King of the Ring’s pay-per-view debut in 1993, Bret Hart did what no other Superstar before or since has done when he won the tournament for a second time  by defeating Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect and Bam Bam Bigelow. The unprecedented victory led to a coronation shockingly interrupted by Jerry "The King" Lawler who took exception to the "Hit Man's" place atop the throne. Lawler never won the tournament, but still insisted that he was sports-entertainment's only true royal ruler. He assaulted the Calgary, Alberta, great verbally and physically, leaving The Excellence of Execution lying as the event went off the air. ( WATCH)

Their rivalry defined WWE for two years, and ended with Bret defeating Lawler in a humiliating Kiss My Foot Match at 1995's King of the Ring event, where he finally asserted himself as WWE's symbolic King. ( WATCH)

Matt Hardy interrupts Kane and Lita’s wedding

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

While “Macho Man” and Miss Elizabeth’s wedding was made in heaven, the unholy matrimony between Kane and Lita was anything but blissful. The Big Red Monster was having a child with Lita and wanted to make things legit ( WATCH). The former WWE Women’s Champion, however, wasn’t on board with the idea of getting hitched to Kane.

Clad in a black dress more apt for a funeral, Lita proceeded with the ceremony on Raw, but made it clear during her vows that the union wouldn't be pleasant, as her heart belonged to Matt Hardy.

Just as the minister was about to make things official, Hardy’s music blared throughout the arena and Matt attacked Kane from behind. While the monster was dazed, Hardy tried to run off with Lita, but was met by a wall of fire exploding from the stage. Kane recovered and viciously chokeslammed Hardy off the entrance ramp before grabbing his bride and returning to the altar to finish the ceremony. The Big Red Monster planted a kiss on his new wife, letting the WWE Universe know that nothing could ruin his special day. ( WATCH)

CM Punk plays a mariachi tune during Chavo Guerrero’s ECW Title celebration

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

After joining the ECW roster in late 2007, Chavo Guerrero made it clear he was after CM Punk’s ECW Title. He succeeded in capturing the championship in January 2008, defeating The Straight Edge Superstar with an assist from Edge ( WATCH). One week after his victory, the proud Mexican warrior wanted to celebrate his victory and heritage, bringing in a mariachi band to lead a party in his honor.

As the band played on and Guerrero danced around the ring, one of the guitar players turned toward the ECW Champion and cocked back his instrument like a baseball bat. The musician then shockingly smashed the guitar over Guerrero’s head. All was explained as the musician removed his hat and fake mustache to reveal CM Punk, who made it clear that retribution would be his. ( WATCH)

The Animal is loose on The Great Khali's Punjabi ceremony

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

The Great Khali made an instant impact when he debuted in April 2006. After running roughshod over the entire roster for more than a year, he participated in a Battle Royal for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown. While Batista and Kane battled on the ropes, the monstrous Indian powered the two former champions out of the ring to shockingly win his first title. Two nights later at The Great American Bash, he defeated both The Big Red Monster and Batista in a Triple Threat Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. ( WATCH)

A celebration was in order, and Ranjin Singh threw a spirited Punjabi party for his brother to mark the start of SmackDown’s Khali era. In a scene straight out of Bollywood, music played, flowers were thrown, traditional garb was worn and the dancing seemed to go on forever. Thankfully, The Animal was let out of his cage and put a stop to the festivities. Batista stormed the ring, made his intentions known for Khali’s title, and knocked the towering beast out of the ring. ( WATCH)

The Undertaker & Jake Roberts crash Randy Savage and Elizabeth’s wedding reception

WWE's Biggest Party Crashers

What was a match made in heaven quickly turned hellacious. “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth’s matrimony was the highlight of SummerSlam 1991. The reception, however, is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

It started out well, with the happy couple welcoming their guests and “Mean” Gene Okerlund leading a toast for the newlyweds. Things took a turn for the worse when Randy and Liz opened their presents. While sorting through all the silverware and appliances, Miss Elizabeth tore through ribbon and wrapping paper to reveal a deadly king cobra, ready to strike.

Suddenly, The Undertaker appeared out of nowhere, clocking Randy Savage with Paul Bearer’s urn. Jake “The Snake” Roberts slithered in and grabbed the reptile, using it to keep Elizabeth from getting in the way of The Deadman’s vicious beat down. Thankfully, Sid Justice grabbed a chair and chased off the sinister duo who ruined what should have been a beautiful night. ( WATCH)

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