Zack Ryder drops $5,500 on an all-new episode of Zack & Curt Figure It Out

Imagine walking into a toy store and spending $5,500 on a Big Boss Man toy. If you are Zack Ryder, you don’t have to imagine. You just did it.

On this week’s episode of Zack & Curt Figure It Out, The Ultimate Broski comes across a truly rare find in the form of a Big Boss Man Hasbro 2-Up figure paint master — essentially an overlarge proof-of-concept to detail what the toy would look like. (It also features the blueprints for the figure and the signature of the late Boss Man, dedicated to a Hasbro engineer named Joe.)

Ryder is perfectly content to look from afar until the very industrious shop manager at Collectors Marketplace in Phoenix informs him the figure can be for sale. Twenty minutes of haggling and soul-searching ensues — in Ryder’s defense, he does talk the guy down substantially — but agent of chaos Curt Hawkins as well as the WWE Universe knew exactly what was going to happen the second he set foot in the shop. It was inevitable.

Now, to be fair, the figure is truly a rare piece of WWE history, albeit a very obscure corner of it. That’ll be cold comfort once Chelsea Green gets ahold of him, but hey, if they need a few extra bucks to pay for the wedding, we know of one valuable they could get at least $5,500 for.

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