Xavier Woods calls out Alex Trebek on Twitter

Xavier Woods calls out Alex Trebek on Twitter

Yeah, we'll take "Alex Trebek just got schooled for $400, please."

"Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek went viral earlier this week when a video of him making fun of contestant Susan Cole's affinity for the subgenre of music known as nerd rap. Cole expressed her interest in the genre while on the show and Trebek shot a bit of an insult her way, calling all those who listen to nerd rap "losers."

Well, Trebek's comments attracted the ire of New Day member, and avid nerd rap fan, Xavier Woods. The Raw Tag Team Champion took to Twitter to express his displeasure in Trebek's comments, try to set the iconic host straight and show his support for Cole. 

Check out the hilarious video (that has the "Jeopardy" theme playing in the background, by the way) below:

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