WWE Women’s division does the #DontRushChallenge on Instagram

WWE Women’s division does the #DontRushChallenge on Instagram

The #DontRush Challenge — in which people become their best selves in a matter of seconds — is the latest trend sweeping social media, and Naomi has masterminded a WWE Women’s division version of the challenge with an epic compilation released Wednesday morning. Posted across the Superstars’ various accounts, the minute-and-a-half clip shows nearly the entire Women’s division distilling their glow-ups into seconds-long installments of a glamorous whole.

Lacey Evans going from yardwork to Sassy Southern Belle in a matter of seconds? Got it. A bleary-eyed Sasha Banks answering a phone call from you-know-who by going full Boss? It’s here. Not one but several costume changes by Lana? You bet. Take a look at the clip below to stay home in style.

The WWE Universe responded with their own version as fans donned the garb of their favorite Superstars.

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