WWE Superstars guess the top 10 SmackDown moments on FBE

Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, The IIconics, Carmella, Ricochet, Ali and Bayley have all competed on SmackDown. But how well do they know SmackDown? To celebrate the blue brand’s 20th anniversary, this eclectic collection of Superstars — plus Kevin Owens before Shane McMahon fired him — sat down with YouTube megastars the Fine Brothers for a fun exercise. Together, they watch WWE’s top 10 SmackDown moments playlist out of order and try to accurately rank them. Does The Beastslayer automatically hot-shot Becky Lynch to Number One? Can The Greatest Mask of All Time predict sports-entertainment greatness better than he can forecast the weather? And are any of them as good at ranking as WWE.com’s editors? Of course not! But it’s still pretty fun to watch them try.

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