WWE Superstars take the BeanBoozled Challenge

Watch Roman Reigns eat a spoiled milk-flavored jelly bean

WWE Superstars including Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Enzo Amore and more take their chances on potentially eating horribly flavored jelly beans in the BeanBoozled Challenge.

Would you ever eat a jelly bean that tasted like a rotten egg? How about dead fish? In the latest “Celebs React” video from Fine Brothers Entertainment, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Enzo Amore, Chris Jericho and more did just that, putting their taste buds on the line with the BeanBoozled Challenge.

The rules are simple: A bowl of jelly beans contains normal tasting beans, like chocolate pudding, as well as mystery-flavored ones that look harmless but taste like canned dog food, among other cringe-worthy flavors. The Superstars spin a wheel to decide which jelly bean to eat and then test the odds of either enjoying candy or literally washing a horrendous taste from their mouths.

Watch the priceless reactions as Superstars react to the worst jelly bean flavors you could imagine.

After watching the BeanBoozled Challenge, tune in to an all new Fine Brothers "Celebs React" episode where WWE Superstars try not to laugh.

Which Superstar can't stop laughing?

Tune in to an all new "Celebs React" episode from the Fine Brothers where WWE Superstars try not to laugh.

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