WWE prospects rescue puppy in Orlando

WWE prospects rescue puppy in Orlando

Two athletes participating at this week’s tryout at the WWE Performance Center have made the local news for performing a good deed: saving a puppy.

While on lunch break today, prospects Jeff Logan and Dennis Jackson spotted a small, stray Chihuahua darting in and out of traffic on a busy street in Orlando, Florida. Thankfully, the Superstar hopefuls were ready to lend a hand.

“The little guy was running through traffic, like Frogger,” said Logan, a former college football player.

Logan stopped the truck, and Jackson, a former semi-pro football player and self-described dog lover, sprinted after the pup. After calming the dog down, Logan and Jackson brought the animal, who they named “Oreo,” to an animal hospital located nearby.

“I persuaded them to take it and hopefully get it to a good home,” Jackson said.

Reporters for ClickOrlando.com, on their way to another assignment, witnessed the aftermath of the chase and interviewed the grapplers-in-training about the rescue.

Whether or not Logan and Jackson will earn contracts and become future NXT or WWE Superstars remains to be seen, but at the very least they have one new fan coming out of this week’s tryout.

“We're heroes to a small Chihuahua,” Logan said.

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