WWE Power Rankings: February 27, 2016

WWE Power Rankings: February 27, 2016

WWE.com, in conjunction with the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences (AWAS), ranks the Top 25 Superstars in WWE each week with Power Rankings. The rankings are based on victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring dominance, as well as intangibles. Be sure to check back every Saturday for the latest Power Rankings. Here are the rankings for February 27, 2016.


Kane (Last Week: N/A)

The Devil’s Favorite Demon revisited a page from his tag team playbook by aligning with Big Show against The Wyatt Family to successful results at WWE Fastlane. Unfortunately, their third partner, Ryback, turned out to be a wild card.


Big Show (Last Week: N/A)

Rivals learn quickly that they won’t like Big Show when the 7-foot Superstar is angry. The World’s Largest Athlete must be furious with Ryback after Raw and his showing against Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens on SmackDown.


Brie Bella (Last Week: 23)

Brie Bella’s bid to become Divas Champion once more ended abruptly at WWE Fastlane, though the challenger put up one heck of a fight against current titleholder Charlotte. The Divas division should still watch out for Brie Mode.


Neville (Last Week: 16)

Neville may want to reconsider going it alone after his tag team exploits on Raw and SmackDown ended in defeat, capped by The Man That Gravity Forgot ending his week on the wrong end of a Brogue Kick by Sheamus.


Ryback (Last Week: 22)

So did The Big Guy walk away on Raw from his ongoing frustrations with The Wyatt Family, or walk out on his partners Kane and Big Show? Either way, Ryback doesn’t want any help, as he demonstrated on WWE Main Event against Tyler Breeze.


The Dudley Boyz (Last Week: 19)

D-Von Dudley displayed a taste of The Dudley Boyz’ newfound aggression on SmackDown by defeating Jimmy Uso, albeit with a little help from Bubba Ray. When The Dudley Boyz take things to the extreme, things turn awfully dangerous.

Jimmy Uso vs. D-Von Dudley: SmackDown, February 25, 2016

One half of Uso Crazy looks to defuse D-Von Dudley.


Becky Lynch (Last Week: 20)

Just as her budding alliance with Sasha Banks was starting to bear fruit, Becky Lynch now must prepare to face her fellow NXT alum with a Divas Title Match hanging in the balance. Can Lynch clinch one more championship chance on Raw?


Rusev (Last Week: 14)

Sure, Rusev resided on the winning side of The League of Nations’ eight-man melee on SmackDown. However, he didn’t contribute as much as King Barrett or Sheamus, and shouldn’t be rewarded as such.


The Usos (Last Week: 13)

Days after dispatching of The Ascension on Raw, The Usos remembered in painful fashion that their more immediate concern should be those darned Dudley Boyz. Jimmy Uso probably wants another round with D-Von Dudley, at least.


Alberto Del Rio (Last Week: 12)

Alberto Del Rio gave as good as he got in the U.S. Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Match during the WWE Fastlane Kickoff, but failed to separate Kalisto from the star-spangled title. It’s back to the drawing board for this League of Nations member.


Shane McMahon (Last Week: N/A)

Here’s an early favorite for the “phrase the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences never expected to utter in 2016” award: Shane-O-Mac is back, and is now on a WrestleMania collision course with The Undertaker.

Shane McMahon returns to WWE: Raw, February 22, 2016

In one of the most shocking moments in WWE history, Shane McMahon returned to confront his family and make a historic demand.


Dolph Ziggler (Last Week: 10)

A pair of losses at WWE Fastlane and SmackDown clearly took the wind out of The Showoff’s sails, especially his failed bid to become Intercontinental Champion at Kevin Owens’ expense. Of course, Dolph Ziggler isn’t one to let bad luck keep him down.


Chris Jericho (Last Week: 15)

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” appears to be the credo these days for Chris Jericho, who forged an alliance with AJ Styles mere hours after The Phenomenal One won their WWE Fastlane rubber match. Is Y2J sincere, or something more sinister?


Sasha Banks (Last Week: 18)

With a little help from Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks showed her superiority over her former Team B.A.D. allies at WWE Fastlane and Raw. Now, The Boss must turn her attention to Lynch if her Divas Title aspirations are to come to fruition.


Sheamus (Last Week: 9)

Triple H and a sledgehammer finished the job that Sheamus fumbled in his disqualification loss against Roman Reigns on Raw. Still, The Celtic Warrior is no softie, as he showed with a vicious Brogue Kick on Neville on SmackDown.


AJ Styles (Last Week: 17)

Whether it’s Chris Jericho, The Social Outcasts or WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day, AJ Styles just keeps right on winning. The Phenomenal One is living up to his billing, much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

AJ Styles reveals why he took the "long route" to WWE

The Phenomenal One describes his arduous journey to WWE, being part of WCW during the organization's final days and the one personal goal he has yet to reach during his decorated career.


Kevin Owens (Last Week: 11)

It should surprise no one that Kevin Owens will resort to any tactic if it means he can enter and exit an arena as the reigning Intercontinental Champion. He proved it against Dolph Ziggler at WWE Fastlane and Big Show on SmackDown.


The Wyatt Family (Last Week: 5)

Though Braun Strowman looked downright nasty as he battered Fandango on WWE Main Event, he and his Wyatt Family cohorts remain most frightening when they operate as a single unit. They sure looked that way on Raw.


The New Day (Last Week: 8)

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day continue to confound the WWE Universe. On Raw, they beat Neville & The Lucha Dragons with ease. Then SmackDown comes and they crumble against “Y2AJ” & Mark Henry.


Kalisto (Last Week: 6)

His ongoing struggles with WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day and The League of Nations notwithstanding, Kalisto ended the week just as he started it: in possession of the coveted United States Championship.


Charlotte (Last Week: 7)

After Triple H, Divas Champion Charlotte appears more secure in her title reign than any other Superstar at the moment. The Flair family scion capably handled her latest challenge by grinding out a win at WWE Fastlane against Brie Bella. Now, she awaits the identity of her next challenger, either Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks.

Brie Bella vs. Charlotte - Divas Title Match: WWE Fastlane 2016 (WWE Network Exclusive)

With WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair at ringside, Charlotte looks to hold onto her Divas Title against Brie Bella: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.


Dean Ambrose (Last Week: 4)

It’s an open question whether Dean Ambrose entered the Triple Threat Match at WWE Fastlane to continue his chase of the WWE World Heavyweight Title or to conquer Brock Lesnar. Though his championship pursuits were delayed by Roman Reigns, his chance to tame The Beast Incarnate will come at WrestleMania 32.


Brock Lesnar (Last Week: 3)

A long time has passed in the WWE Universe since a Superstar stepped forward in hopes of proving himself against Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman’s prized client will be ready for a fight at WrestleMania, but needs to take seriously the threat of Dean Ambrose, a wily grappler who will enter their No Holds Barred Match with nothing to lose.


Roman Reigns (Last Week: 2)

A broken nose and battered ego should remind Roman Reigns that he needs to be more careful with what he wishes for in WWE. He fought valiantly at WWE Fastlane and earned his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against Triple H at WrestleMania. Reigns now needs to prove he has enough left in the tank to play The Game.


Triple H (Last Week: 1)

Oh, so that’s why they call him The Cerebral Assassin. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H struck Roman Reigns mercilessly and without remorse, making sure the master of the Superman Punch understands what it means to play The Game. Given his history, Triple H will make more vicious moves on The Road to WrestleMania.

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus: Raw, February 22, 2016

The Big Dog's battle with The Celtic Warrior gets gruesome when Triple H and The League of Nations get involved.


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