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Best of "Stone Cold" vs. Mr. McMahon: Part 3 (WWE Network Collection Intro)

Get a preview of the "Stone Cold" vs. Mr. McMahon: Part 3 collection, available exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

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WWE Network October 2018 Collections

Best of "Stone Cold" vs. Mr. McMahon: Part 3
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon’s historic rivalry concludes in the final chapter of their WWE Network Collection. What?! From Austin betraying Mr. McMahon and leading the invading Alliance, to "Stone Cold’s" controversial exit in 2002, this collection is full of the venom that only The Texas Rattlesnake can deliver. What?! Despite the heated animosity between these icons, there was always respect, leading Mr. McMahon to personally induct "Stone Cold" into the WWE Hall of Fame. What?! But make no mistake about it, Austin 3:16 says there will always be a Stunner waiting for Mr. McMahon! And that’s the bottom line, 'cause "Stone Cold" said so! What?!

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Affectionate Allies
The essence of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is forever changed in this series of attempts to win the affection of his old nemesis, Mr. McMahon.
The Old "Stone Cold"
Despite his lukewarm response to Mr. McMahon's desire for the old "Stone Cold" to return, The Texas Rattlesnake rediscovers his venomous nature.
Don't Trust Austin
Beginning with Invasion 2001, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's treachery reaches new heights when he turns on Mr. McMahon to lead The Alliance.
The Nature Boy's Champion
With The Alliance officially disbanded, Mr. McMahon is left stunned by the return of Ric Flair and his new champion. (Monday Night Raw, Episode #443)
A New Member?
As punishment for leading the failed Alliance, Mr. McMahon looks to recruit "Stone Cold" Steve Austin into his exclusive club. (Monday Night Raw, Episode #444)
April Fools
Raw GM Ric Flair and SmackDown GM Mr. McMahon are left stunned when they try to recruit "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to their brands. (Monday Night Raw, Episode #462)
He Took His Ball and Went Home
Relive the aftermath of one of the most controversial incidents in WWE history, as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes a devastating decision.
Because Mr. McMahon Said So
On the 10th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw, Mr. McMahon decides to accept an award on behalf of the absentee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
Holiday Greetings
While WWE pays tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces, "Stone Cold" Santa gives Mr. McMahon a stunning Christmas present. (SmackDown, Episode #227)
Chasing Down The Chairman
Mr. McMahon's attempts to intimidate "Stone Cold" Steve Austin sends The Rattlesnake chasing after The Chairman on an ATV. (Monday Night Raw, Episode #562)
A Stunning Family Homecoming
On a special Raw Homecoming, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin gives each member of the McMahon family an unforgettable welcome home. (Monday Night Raw, Episode #645)
Daddy 3:16?
The quest to find the identity of Mr. McMahon's illegitimate offspring takes an unexpected turn.
The Greatest Raw Superstar
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin shows Mr. McMahon and the WWE Universe who the Greatest Raw Superstar truly is. (Monday Night Raw, Episode #759)
Hall of Fame Hell Yeah!
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin's legacy is immortalized when Mr. McMahon inducts him into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2009.
Number One Rivalry
The impact of the storied rivalry between Mr. McMahon and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is highlighted on "The Top 25 Rivalries in WWE History."
Austin vs. McMahon: Part One
Both dynamic characters in their own right, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon lifted each other’s on-screen personas and the rest of WWE to new heights, thanks to their historic clashes both in and out of the ring.
Austin vs. McMahon: Part Two
One of sports-entertainment’s greatest rivalries takes a shocking turn when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin aligns with Mr. McMahon. But when creative differences reach a boiling point, reality meets fiction as Austin defies WWE’s Chairman behind the scenes.
No Holds Barred Conversation
WWE Hall of Famer and icon "Stone Cold" Steve Austin brings his hard-hitting podcast to WWE Network as The Texas Rattlesnake has a no-holds-barred and controversial live interview with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.
A Toast to 25 Years of Raw
Twenty-five years of Monday Night Raw are summed up by a few "Stone Cold" Stunners served up to Mr. McMahon and his son. (Monday Night Raw, Episode #1,287)

Million Dollar Man: Priceless (WWE Network Collection Intro)

Get a preview of the "Million Dollar Man: Priceless" collection, available exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

Million Dollar Man: Priceless
They say money talks, and The Million Dollar Man has a lot to say in this WWE Network Collection. Join the WWE Hall of Famer himself and celebrate the legacy of his priceless career. Before he struck gold, witness Ted DiBiase’s early days in Mid-South Wrestling against the likes of Jack Brisco and The Ultimate Warrior. Then, watch his stock soar as one of the most iconic Superstars of the affluent 1980s, with classic vignettes and unforgettable moments shared with Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Andre the Giant, and more. Invest in this collection and learn why “Everybody’s got a price for The Million Dollar Man!”

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This Is More Like It
Ted DiBiase shares some priceless insight into his days prior to being known the world over as The Million Dollar Man.
An Early Encounter
Before The Million Dollar Man or the reign of Hulkamania, Ted DiBiase would take to the ring to battle Hulk Hogan at Madison Square Garden.
Wrestling Heritage
Two historic wrestling heritages collide when a young Ted DiBiase faces off against the legendary Jack Brisco.
Maggie's Back in Town
Ted DiBiase relies on a secret weapon to help him and Hercules Hernandez steal the Mid-South Tag Team Titles from The Rock 'n' Roll Express.
King Rat Gets Gold
With his tactics earning him the moniker of "King Rat" in Mid-South Wrestling, Ted DiBiase takes to the ring to battle Brad Armstrong.
Against The Blade Runner
Prior to his battles with The Ultimate Warrior in WWE, Ted DiBiase takes on Blade Runner Rock during their time in Mid-South Wrestling.
The Million Dollar Man Was Born
Ted DiBiase comments on his transition from the territories to his days of wealth and power competing in WWE.
Everybody's Got a Price
In this series of memorable vignettes, Ted DiBiase shows the WWE Universe why everybody's got a price for The Million Dollar Man.
A Rich Debut
Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Man persona makes his in-ring debut in this one-on-one bout against Jerry Allen.
Nice Try, Kid
The Million Dollar Man resorts to some cheap tactics when he offers a young fan a chance to earn some big money.
Houston, We Have a Problem!
With Andre the Giant in his corner, Ted DiBiase challenges Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship in this bout from Houston, Texas.
A Million Dollar Claim
In an effort to put the WWE Championship around his waist, Ted DiBiase makes an offer to purchase the WWE Title from an enormous challenger.
Money Talks
Ted DiBiase shows the WWE Universe why even Andre the Giant has a price for The Million Dollar Man in this memorable bout.
Everybody's Jealous
Ted DiBiase recalls his attempts to purchase the WWE Championship and the tournament that took place at WrestleMania IV as a result.
For the Richest Prize in WWE
WrestleMania IV - The tournament to crown a new WWE Champion concludes with Ted DiBiase going one-on-one with "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
Wealth and Power
SummerSlam 1988 - The Mega Bucks of Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant battle the Mega Powers of "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan.
Buying Success
Frustrations over failing to capture the WWE Title leads Ted DiBiase to purchase a championship designed for The Million Dollar Man.
The Finest Championship
Ted DiBiase gives his two cents on what led to the creation of a championship worthy of The Million Dollar Man's value.
In the Muck of Avarice
WrestleMania VI - Ted DiBiase shows what truly counts when he defends the Million Dollar Championship against Jake "The Snake" Roberts.
The Ultimate Cost
In this classic battle from Japan, Ted DiBiase takes to the ring to go one-on-one with The Ultimate Warrior.
Seasoned Vet and a Young Rocker
Ted DiBiase puts his veteran knowledge to the test against a future main-eventer in this battle against a young Shawn Michaels.
Stealing Sapphire
Ted DiBiase disrupts a match between Dusty Rhodes and "Macho King" Randy Savage by taking a treasured gem. (SummerSlam 1990)
On Dream Street
The rivalry between Ted DiBiase and Dusty Rhodes escalates when the Million Dollar Man battles The American Dream.
Big Money, Bigger Dream
Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Team takes on Dusty Rhodes' Dream Team in a Survivor Series Elimination Match. (Survivor Series 1990)
Left Rhodes Family in the Dust
Ted DiBiase revisits his rivalry with Dusty Rhodes, and his impending fallout with his former associate, Virgil.
Former Employee
After years of serving Ted DiBiase, Virgil looks to get some payback on his former employer, The Million Dollar Man.
Reaching a Stalemate
Ted DiBiase looks to extend his wealth by challenging Bret Hart for the Intercontinental Championship in this classic contest.
Caught in a Natural Disaster
Ted DiBiase and I.R.S. go for gold when Money Inc. challenges The Natural Disasters for the WWE Tag Team Titles.
Paying the Price
The in-ring career of Ted DiBiase comes to an end when The Million Dollar Man takes on Razor Ramon. (SummerSlam 1993)
Simply Priceless
Ted DiBiase relives his time managing the Superstars of WWE's New Generation before taking his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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