WWE’s GIPHY channel reaches one billion views


The members of the WWE Universe love to make their voices heard, no matter the platform. And there’s no better way to do that online than with GIFS. Whether it’s a People’s Eyebrow or a “Yes!,” WWE fans are always willing to let their feelings be known with a GIF. That was made clear this week when WWE’s official GIPHY channel reached an incredible milestone, passing one billion total views on the internet’s largest GIF search engine.

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Since launching the channel in August, the WWE Universe has been treated to a treasure trove of GIFs featuring the biggest moments in SummerSlam history, a celebration of DX’s 20th anniversary, The Shield serving justice, Matt Hardy’s woken wisdom and more. The WWE Universe has used GIPHY across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Whatsapp, Gmail and more.

To celebrate, we've put together a special GIF combining the 5 most viewed WWE GIFs since our channel's launch:


The GIFs will keep on coming, and we hope you will keep on using them to represent your feelings. Thank you, WWE Universe!

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