This week in WWE GIFs: Can Elias get an amen? and more

Rollins vs. Lashley vs. Elias

WWE Extreme Rules is in the books, and SummerSlam is just a few weeks away, which means the Superstars of WWE are on edge more than ever. We captured the best expressions and reactions from the week in WWE and posted them on our official GIPHY channel for you to use across social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp and more. Which one matches your mood?

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Can I get an amen?

Normally, Elias basks in the cheers and jeers of the WWE Universe during his live performance, but perhaps the impending release of his new album had the troubadour feeling a little more emotional on Raw. When the crowd in Buffalo roared the true meaning of WWE, Elias couldn’t help but agree.


Wild-eyed stare

Apparently, there’s crazy, and then there’s Eric Young. The leader of SAnitY took on Kofi Kingston Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE, and when he had the highflyer in his crosshairs, Young flashed this unsettling grin. If you’re feeling a little unhinged, this is the GIF for you.


Are you experienced?

The Velveteen Dream gave the NXT Universe a unique trip through his rise to stardom between the yellow ropes on WWE Network this week, but no moment stood out more than when the charismatic competitor beckoned NXT fans to imagine the heights he’s risen to in such a short time.



Randy Orton subjected Jeff Hardy to one of the most sadistic attacks in recent memory, as The Viper attempted to tear Hardy’s ear open with his bare hands. The excruciating pain was something some members of the WWE Universe could clearly sympathize with, as evidenced by this fan caught by cameras in the aftermath of the disturbing attack.


Where’d I put my phone?

We’ve all been in the same shoes as Baron Corbin during Raw, having lost track of our cell phones at the most inopportune time. Keep this GIF of Raw’s Constable handy for the next time you’re a little forgetful.


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