This week in WWE GIFs: Kevin Owens’ car trouble, Team Hell No hugs again and more

Strowman & Owens

The action inside WWE rings was intense on both sides of the pond, as Raw and SmackDown  LIVE continued to march toward WWE Extreme Rules, while the Superstars of NXT and the new NXT UK brand took over London’s Royal Albert Hall for two nights of thrills. With so much hanging in the balance, emotions were at an all-time high, making for a wealth of amazing GIFs for you, the WWE Universe, to use. Check out the newest additions to our GIPHY channel and find the one that best matches your mood, then share it on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Tinder, Slack, WhatsApp and more!

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KO’s car troubles

We’ve all had car troubles. Probably not because a monster got to our car before us and flipped it upside down, but we can empathize with Kevin Owens, regardless. If you’re having auto issues, this GIF is for you. 


A hug for the ages

Though Bayley may not be in the mood for hugs after Monday Night Raw, there are two guys on SmackDown LIVE ready to embrace at a moment’s notice. The reunion of Team Hell No was a surprise to the WWE Universe, but it wasn’t official until the two sealed it with a hug. This GIF represents how we all felt seeing Team Hell No back together.


Hello, Ricochet

It hasn’t been too long since Ricochet and The Velveteen Dream last did battle at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. However, at the NXT United Kingdom Championship event, The Dream couldn’t wait to battle The One and Only again. He was waiting for him with a playful wave. 


From a 10 to a 1

James Ellsworth didn’t endear himself to the SmackDown locker room with his return to help Carmella defeat Asuka at WWE Money in the Bank. He hasn’t helped his case by mocking The Empress of Tomorrow. Tye Dillinger ran into Ellsworth Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE and managed to express how everyone feels about him with one glance.


A painful encounter

The Authors of Pain clearly relish in dishing out punishment inside the ring. Apparently, they don’t mind doling it out backstage, either. This poor stagehand learned that the hard way on Raw. When you need everyone to get out of your way, let this GIF of Akam & Rezar do the job for you.


ADAM COLE … you know the rest … 

Who knew London loved Adam Cole? The NXT North American Champion made his way across the pond to take part in the NXT United Kingdom Championship specials earlier this week, and received thunderous ovations from the British faithful, as they roared his catchphrase alongside him.


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