10-year-old boy saves 2-year-old brother with CPR after learning how from watching The Rock in "San Andreas"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

A heartwarming and incredible story came to light earlier this week when it was revealed that 10-year-old Jacob O'Connor saved his 2-year-old brother Dylan's life after Jacob found Dylan lying face down in their pool. 

Jacob pulled Dylan out of the pool and then began to apply CPR and chest compressions. For a 10-year-old to possess these skills is impressive enough on its own, but the story took another amazing turn: Jacob actually learned these skills from watching his favorite movie, The Rock's "San Andreas."

Hearing this, The Rock took to Instagram to let Jacob know how impressed he was by Jacob's heroics and also said that he would love to meet the young hero. A few weeks later Jacob and Dylan were on the set of The Rock's new film "Skyscraper," to give hugs, and free sweets to the entire family.

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