Stephen Amell to raffle Slammy Award

Stardust confronts Stephen Amell at Dallas Comic Con

During Stephen Amell's Q&A panel at Dallas Comic-Con, Stardust made a surprise appearance to present his nemesis with the Slammy Award for 2015 Celebrity Moment of the Year and remind the "Arrow" star of his true feelings.

Stephen Amell — star of the hit show "Arrow" and SummerSlam 2015 competitor — is raffling off his Slammy Award for 2015 Celebrity Moment of the Year to benefit Elijiah "Drax Shadow" Mainville's battle against cancer.

Although Amell won the award in December during the Slammy Awards Raw special, his SummerSlam 2015 opponent and nemesis Stardust stole the coveted statue. After the parties agreed to meet and exchange the Slammy, The Lord of Dark Matter crashed the TV star's panel at Dallas Comic Con — alongside Eden — to deliver the award. After Stardust signed the award and finally turned it over to his rival, both he and Eden threw water in Amell's face before making their exit.

Stardust and Stephen Amell sign the Slammy Award.

The "Arrow" star and Stardust have also signed the Slammy and is raffling it off on the Mainville family's GoFundme page.

For full details on how you can own this piece of WWE history, watch the video below and visit for your chance to enter.



Facebook! It is finally time to raffle off my Slammy in support of Elijah Mainville, aka Drax Shadow. Elijah is 8 years...

Posted by Stephen Amell on Tuesday, February 16, 2016



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