Sheamus eyes Miz’s Intercontinental Title (on Twitter)

Ambrose & Miz & Maryse

The enduring lesson of The Miz’s championship reigns is that yes, everyone really does want to beat him up and take his stuff.

Just days after Dean Ambrose posed as a cameraman to attack the seven-time Intercontinental Champion, freshly-minted Raw Tag Team Champion Sheamus posted an image of his title collection to Twitter, remarking that he was only one championship away from completing the coveted Grand Slam. The Alabaster Gladiator didn’t name his missing prize, but the absence of Miz’s ivory championship in the Irishman’s trophy case made his point for him, and it was enough to provoke some jaw-jacking out of The A-Lister — coincidentally, one of the seven Superstars who has notched a Grand Slam — in response to Sheamus' promise to complete his collection.

Undeterred, Sheamus had a reply of his own.

Of course, Twitter trash talk doesn’t lead to an actual sanctioned match, but Miz’s many haters can bask in the mental image of a Brogue Kick to the Moneymaker nonetheless. Speaking of Miz, he’d be wise to avoid wagers involving the Intercontinental Title. As any UpUpDownDown viewer knows, that tends not to work out for him so well.

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