Roman Reigns talks about his diet with GQ

Reigns vs. B-Team

As part of their “Real-Life Diet” series, GQ Magazine spoke with former Universal Champion Roman Reigns about how he maintains his physique while being a WWE Superstar. Revealing his diet preferences, The Big Dog explains the different ways he and other Superstars keep up with their grueling schedules and how to plan accordingly based on what’s available at any given time of day.

Additionally, Reigns gets candid about his diagnosis with leukemia and how it altered his diet. The Big Dog also discusses the differences between his recent diagnosis and a previous bout with the disease in 2007 and how age has affected his approach to recovery.

“Back then, I was still playing football, and I was only 22 years old, so my body was resilient,” Reigns told GQ. “Thank God I managed to take care of myself, but at 22 years old, you can get in a car wreck, run out of it, and go swimming across the channel. So I was still able to maintain my weight and train like an athlete and continue to pack on some weight.”

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