24/7 Champion R-Truth named Superstar of the Week

24/7 Champion R-Truth named Superstar of the Week

Life, much like WWE, is a 24/7 challenge. There are obstacles, setbacks and disappointments just as often as there are triumphs, surprises and advancements. If you’re lucky, the former will never get you down, and you’ll never take the latter for granted.

In one sense, R-Truth is very lucky, having largely held firm to the 24/7 Championship despite losing it a few times — including once on a golf course to an inexplicably geared-up Jinder Mahal — but he’s also just so positive about the whole thing, refusing to sweat a back-nine ambush, pinning Elias under the ring to recapture the title after briefly losing it and largely laughing off the “Taken”-like pursuit of an increasingly unhinged Drake Maverick.

R-Truth loses then regains the 24/7 Title against Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal dethrones 24/7 Champion R-Truth in a sneak attack on a golf course, but The Rapping Superstar turns the tables to reclaim his title.

Everyone around him is scrambling for a piece of the pie, but he’s rolling with the punches. That, more than recapturing the title instantly twice in the span of a week, is what makes him a champion — the ideal 24/7 Champion, if we’re being honest, because if there is a metaphor attached to this title, it’s the ups and downs of life itself. And nobody is winning at life quite like R-Truth.

And now, to give the man something that a series of opponents won’t frantically try to take away from him, here’s a triumph, surprise and advancement he probably didn’t expect but definitely earned: Your Superstar of the Week is R-Truth.

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