New episodes of WCW Thunder added to WWE Network

New episodes of WCW Thunder added to WWE Network

Travel back to 1999 and 2000 with more than 25 hours of World Championship Wrestling Thunder just added to WWE Network. As WWE gained traction in The Monday Night War, WCW was pushed to get creative and pull out all the stops. Dive into 20 episodes now, featuring Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Goldberg and more.

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Just Added
WCW Thunder 78
Perry Saturn faces Sid Vicious in the main event. Goldberg takes on Ernest "The Cat" Miller. Plus, DDP, Billy Kidman, and more are in action.

WCW Thunder 79
Goldberg goes one-on-one with Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event, and The Revolution competes in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

WCW Thunder 80
Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyszko host an exciting lineup of all the recent action and excitement within WCW.

WCW Thunder 81
Booker T looks to avenge his brother by challenging Sid Vicious for the WCW United States Championship in the main event.

WCW Thunder 82
Goldberg comes to WCW Thunder to accept Scott Norton's challenge for a one-on-one bout in the main event.

WCW Thunder 83
The WCW United States Championship is on the line in the main event, as Sid Vicious defends his title against Stevie Ray.

WCW Thunder 84
The Total Package partners with Rick Steiner to face Buff Bagwell and La Parka in a Tag Team Match main event.

WCW Thunder 85
On the road to facing Bret Hart at Halloween Havoc, The Total Package takes to the ring to battle Buff Bagwell in the main event.

WCW Thunder 86
A war between Konnan's Filthy Animals and The Revolution breaks out during a main event bout involving Sid Vicious.

WCW Thunder 87
Sid Vicious finds himself in a unique position when he is forced to battle in a Tag Team Match against his friend, Rick Steiner.

WCW Thunder 88
Sid Vicious battles Perry Saturn in the main event, and Booker T challenges Rick Steiner for the World Television Championship.

WCW Thunder 89
When Buff Bagwell tries to help put an end Curt Hennig's in-ring career, Hennig looks to make Bagwell pay for his actions.

WCW Thunder 90
Despite his best efforts to avoid in-ring competition, Lex Luger finds himself in a main event battle against Sid Vicious.

WCW Thunder 91
With Starrcade approaching, The Outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall partner with Jeff Jarrett for a Six-Man Tag Team Match main event.

WCW Thunder 92
While running roughshod throughout WCW, The Powers That Be look to target anyone in opposition to them.

WCW Thunder 93
After reforming the nWo on Monday Nitro at the expense of Goldberg, Bret Hart finds himself looking over his shoulder in the main event.

WCW Thunder 94
While the New World Order holds Arn Anderson hostage, the likes of David Flair and Terry Funk step up to rescue their ally.

WCW Thunder 95
The New World Order pulls off another coup when Bret Hart appears to rethink his alliance with the band.

WCW Thunder 96
New WCW Commissioner Kevin Nash seeks an opportunity to aggrandize himself at the expense of the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

WCW Thunder 97
After winning the WCW World Title on Nitro, Sid Vicious finds himself battling for gold once again in Triangle Steel Cage Match.

Bret Hart & Goldberg capture the WCW Tag Team Titles: WCW Thunder, Dec. 9, 1999 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Bret "Hit Man" Hart & Goldberg clash with Creative Control for the WCW Tag Team Titles. Catch more WCW Thunder action, anytime on demand on WWE Network.

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