Mojo Rawley tweets video of massive box squat

Mojo Rawley tweets video of massive box squat

While the world slumbers, Mojo Rawley does massive squat exercises and tweets the proof.

The SmackDown LIVE Superstar refused to do anything as dull as going home after his flight back to Florida last night, choosing instead to hit the gym at the WWE Performance Center and box-squat the approximate weight of a small mountain. Not only did Mojo max out the bar to such a degree that the clamp barely stayed on (Note: Don’t try this at home or without a spotter to back you up), he added an extra 120 pounds of chains to bring the total tonnage to something in the neighborhood of 720 pounds. (And that's not even counting the bar.)

Lest anyone think this was difficult for him, Rawley still had the wind to scream “Light Weight!” after a few reps. That’s because Mojo Rawley is a very strong, very energetic man who has never skipped leg day a day in his life. Behold:

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